Previously on Big Brother, Bayleigh won HOH and immediately turned into a bit of a nightmare.  Now we’re back, post nomination ceremony, and Rachel is crying, both n the DR and all curled up in bed, telling Kaycee she doesn’t like hugging everyone after the nominations.  Kaycee tells her to just focus on veto. She says she thinks she’s sad because Bayleigh is so focused on getting Brett out. Um, isn’t that better than her focusing on getting you out? Kaycee seems like she’d rather not even bother with this entire conversation. This girl seems more reasonable than most of the people who appear on this show.

In storage, Faysal is patting himself on the back for saving JC, but JC is not impressed, like, at all.  They have such an odd dynamic. I guess it’ll be a good storyline as long as it continues. JC is not even remotely intimidated by Fessy and the big guy seems to constantly want JC’s approval.  I swear it feels like a reality TV version of Of Mice and Men.

Tyler goes up to the HOH to run damage control with Bay.  He offers to play and win veto. She’s deciding if he has one of the power apps and he’s sizing her up as well.  I hate to tell you, Bay, but you’re underestimating Tyler because he looks like an X Games contestant. It might come back to bite you.

JC turns right around and tells Bay that Faysal was tooting his own horn about saving him from the block and it has the desired effect. Bay is majorly offended and JC thinks it will get Fessy to do whatever she wants.  She goes and wakes Fessy from a sound sleep to come up to the HOH and talk (with a quick cut to b-roll of JC kissing a stuffed owl). She lectures him about how he’s not putting her in the best spot with people, because that’s totally his job.  She is EXHAUSTING.

Rachel comes up to talk because she doesn’t want a target on her back and Bay gets pissed at her because Rachel has the audacity to make her nomination about herself when everyone knows it’s all about Bay, dammit! Her personality changes on a dime and Rachel looks scared. I was also hugging a pillow.  Did Stephen King get a story editor credit on this episode?

Time for the POV, which will be hosted by Angie.  Oh, joy. At least the actual hosting is minimal. Sam, JC and Tyler all legit get picked to play; none of that Houseguest’s choice nonsense. Tyler is both happy and worried at the same time. He knows he’ll piss someone off either way if he wins, but he wants to win for his own safety regardless.  

Because the show obviously ran short, there’s a clip of a bird pooping off the telephone wire while JC jokes that it’s Kaitlyn come back to haunt them.  Or, perhaps it’s her grandfather. We’ll never know.

The POV comp is a giant puzzle each player has to lay down so that it builds a road through a miniature town and allows them to “drive” the four former houseguests to a party across “town” in their “Goober” car. (Get It?!)  There’s only one solution and roadblocks that pop up along the way if you’ve picked wrong. Bay and Ty hustle but Sam seems to really struggle and there’s a patently unfunny “Samzilla” montage of her throwing puzzle pieces around before she times out at 30 minutes. JC DRs that’s it not gonna be that hard but he can’t get it right and he times out as well. Rachel feels hopeless when she finds herself in the same situation, because she is actually on the block. Brett talks about estimating lengths and distances and basically, he’s full of crap.  He does not time out, however, so there’s that. Of the three players who actually get the puzzle correctly solved, Tyler smokes the other two:

Bay 14:24

Brett 10:59

Tyler 6:54

Sidenote: Angie keeps saying “Yassss” about everything.  Lady, I have a teenage daughter who loves drag queens and she doesn’t say it half as much as you do.  Can it, already.

Tyler checks in with Bayleigh and agrees to keep the noms the same. He does cleverly ask what if one of them has a power app and take themselves down, who would be the replacement in that scenario?  Bayleigh says Angela. Tyler wants a target on Scottie to help Level Six.

In yet another HOH room meeting, we are forced to witness an overly long hug between Rachel and Bayleigh. Let’s just say that had I been watching this late night on Cinemax, it might have gone a different direction.  Ahem. Bay tells Rachel that Tyler floated Angela’s name and she’s furious. After silently freaking out in an empty room, she tells Angela.  Angela tells Kaycee who says it doesn’t make sense and Ang says her b.s. detector is going off. Imagine if she had seen the hug! Kaycee sets things straight with Tyler.  These two are Zen. Angela and Tyler talk and decide maybe Rachel and her freak outs are best out of the picture. We flash back to just after nominations, when Rachel told Angela about Bay having the power app to hijack the nominations. In the wake of the freakout, Angela tells Tyler this secret, and they agree he really better not use it or risk becoming her target next week when she can hijack noms.  In the end, Tyler chooses just that. He says he needs to respects Bayleigh’s noms, earning an “I Love You” from Queen B.

Bayleigh hair flips in the DR that her HOH is the smoothest so far.  Tyler says Bayleigh shouldn’t get everything she wants this week and they should keep Brett.  I tend to agree, Tyler. Rachel is just DRAMA and putting her and Bayleigh together would be more than I could handle.  EJ will be here later with the live eviction and hopefully a new HOH! See you then!

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