Previously on Big Brother: Bayleigh got very angry at anybody who dared suggest that maybe she wasn’t their top priority or that it might be possible that she could make a bad decision. She got so weird that even noted poop prodder Tyler chose not to use the Veto and then he overthought things too much and made Rachel upset when he was trying to make Scottie a target. It was a mess and now either Brett or Rachel is going home.

Julie Chen is dressed all casual tonight, which is not like her. But, you know, I’ve seen the news. She’s got a lot going on right now.

We go back to the tape for the aftermath of the Veto meeting. Bayleigh talks about what a great job she’s doing and assumes everybody will vote the way she says. But why would that ever happen? Once the Veto Ceremony ends, the HoH doesn’t have any power at all. They don’t even get a vote. There’s no reason to try and get in good with the HoH after that and if they tell you how to vote, you tell them to kick rocks. Rachel ugly cries in the DR. I mean, not exceptionally ugly. Just how people look weird when they cry. Angela thinks Rachel is causing chaos within the alliance.

Tyler goes up to the HoH room so Bayleigh can commend him for following orders. He DRs that he’ll “put her up so fast” but let’s see some money in that mouth. That’s not how the expression goes. Angela talks to Kaycee about Rachel acting weird and about whether they’re actually on the show. “It’s weird. Nobody talks to or about us.” “Sometimes when I walk into a room, the camera just turns in the opposite direction.”

Brett and Tyler talk about things and then JC shows up to not be especially helpful. Brett is convinced he’s the next one out. Brett things the women are working against the men and JC compares a house with only women to “a chicken house”. I feel like that’s offensive on some level.

Later, Sam agrees to vote the way Tyler wants her to and he thinks maybe they can flip the vote and get Rachel out. In the HoH bedroom, Scottie tries to make sure everybody is voting Brett out. He is pretty comfortable speaking for Tyler, who isn’t there. Bayleigh keeps calling herself “Queen Bay” an I am done with that.

Tyler sits down with Brett to tell him what he knows about Bayleigh’s power app and why he didn’t use the Veto. That night, Brett hammocks up with Haleigh while Faysal watches from afar. Faysal doesn’t know how he feels about her because she’s talking to another boy. He makes a big show of going back in the house. Faysal and Angie brush their teeth and talk about how weird it is that Brett and Haleigh are talking. Faysal just stews and keep getting up to check on them. Haleigh assures him that she’s “Pro-Brett”. Well, if there’s an Anti-Brett, don’t let him touch Brett or the universe will explode!

Hey, now it’s time for a video about Chris meeting Bayleigh’s parents. Why would that happen? That’s actually really weird. Even weirder is that we see Chris wearing a jacket with a picture of himself on the back. I can’t stand this guy. Was it Ric Flair who used to have his own picture on his tights? I know there’s somebody who does that but I can’t quite pull the reference. This segment is bad, but Bayleigh’s dad is as thrilled to meet a guy who hooked up with his daughter on a game show and wears his own picture on his back as you might expect. That guy gets it.

Back at the live show, Julie checks in. It’s time to make their speeches! Rachel gives thanks to Jesus and her dog. Brett says he knows he’s the target and Rachel is the pawn and Rachel told him about Bayleigh’s Power App. HA! Rachel didn’t tell him, but she told the woman who told the guy who told him. Either way, it gets something out in the open and riles everybody up. I am really enjoying Brett’s nominee speeches. Then he talks about Rachel heading an all-women alliance (which does not include Sam). Man, he gets some actual information in there and then just starts making stuff up and I’m into it. Do I… like Brett? I think I might!

Angie votes to evict Brett. Of course she does. Angela votes to evict Rachel. Kaycee does the same. Scottie votes against Brett. Two to two as we go into the commercial!

Tyler votes to evict Rachel. So does Sam. Faysal votes to evict Brett. Man, everybody is doing a birthday shoutout this week. JC votes to evict Rachel. That’s five and Rachel is out. Haleigh still gets to vote and she votes to evict Brett. Despite being Pro-Brett! Her stance is inconsistent!

Rachel gets the news and makes maybe the quickest exit I’ve ever seen on this show. Stands up, hits the door, gone. Bayleigh is pissed and everybody else is kinda just awkward. In the Chenterview, Rachel looks like she’s going to puke and Julie very earnestly asks if she can speak. She’s really shook up as she answers almost every question with “I don’t know” and is clearly fighting back just a good hard cry. Julie makes her guess how everybody voted and I get the vibe that Julie’s not a big Rachel fan. She’s not being mean, but she’s pressing really hard on somebody who is only barely holding it together. It bothers her that her alliance was not loyal, but both nominees were in the same alliance. In the goodbye videos, Angela calls her out and Rachel doesn’t get it and Julie begs her not to swear. It’s the weirdest Chenterview I’ve ever seen.

Farewell, Rachel. You’re super hot and maybe you said a bad thing on the live feeds but you still should have been on camera more.

Now Julie talks about gifs, and apparently some Big Brother gifs have been playing on the memory wall, so it’s clear we’re in for another memory HoH Challenge!

Julie’s going to ask true/false questions about the gifs. Get it wrong and you’re out. You know the drill. Kaycee goes out on the first round. JC is the next to go out. Then it’s Sam. Then it’s just Angie, Angela, and Haleigh. Faysal forgets to reset before stepping down and Julie will hate him forever for that. Haleigh goes out and it’s Angie vs. Angela. They have to go to a tiebreaker. How many seconds was the “Out on a Limb” endurance challenge? Angie comes up with 1200 and because she showed her work, we know that she thinks that’s 30 times 60. Angela gets surprisingly close and wins the HoH. I think I might like Angela and this is my week to find out!

Julie has a moment to tell us about a new twist. It’s the “Hacker Competition”. She doesn’t tell us what that means. Cool informational segment, Julie.

Myndi will have our backs with Sunday’s episode when Bayleigh will probably change the nominations or something. And now I have to deal with maybe liking Brett.

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