In the wake of the hacker competition and re-nomination, everyone spends their time talking about who the hacker might be and the majority settle on Bayleigh, for one reason or another.  The standout is JC, who actually asks Tyler if he took Scottie down and put himself up as a strategy. Ty barely keeps from punching him in the face at how ludicrous that suggestion is.  Who would ever (besides Marcellas, that is) put themselves on the block?

Angela and Kaycee decide to suggest to Bay that the hacker should have Kaycee be their selected veto player because no one could ever have an issue with that.  Everyone loves sweet, innocent Kaycee! Bayleigh is actually very open to all of this and ends up suggesting it in the bathroom to Haleigh and Fessy. It works like a charm.  Angela thinks she’s a genius, which is a bit of a stretch, but she did a good sell job. As HOH for this special POV, she gets to pull the remaining two chips to determine the other two HGs to play. She pulls Scottie and then her own name, with which she chooses Brett, so it’s basically one entire alliance against Angie and, to some extent, Scottie.

And then, the worst thing happens…Jesse from Seasons 10 and 11 shows up with his stupid pecs to host the Veto comp. It’s one of those “roll the ball” comps paired with the ever-popular Yankee Swap.  Mercifully, Jesse’s hosting is pretty much limited to saying how many “energy points” (AKA rolls of the ball, or as it is dubbed for this game, “power orb”) he needs to power his gym, Space Pecs.  Lord.

Round One–Scottie, Brett, Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela are safe. Angie is out first and gets the POV.

Round Two–Kaycee, Brett, Scottie and Tyler are safe and Angela is out and wins “Jesse’s fitness and food program”, which she’d be on for one week. She gives it to Angie and takes the Veto.

Round Three–Brett, Scottie and Tyler are good, and Kaycee is out. She wins a trip to Hawaii. For now.

Round Four–Scottie and Tyler are safe just one point ahead of Brett, who “wins” being a mascot called the Health Nut. Brett takes the trip from Kaycee, planning to “get laid” in Hawaii (classy, dude), so this will be her second costume of the summer.  Poor girl.

Scottie immediately swears “on everything” that if Tyler lets him win, he’ll take him off the block. Tyler doesn’t take the deal and ultimately wins the game.  Scottie wins $5k and at first tries to grab the veto but Angela swears she will keep him safe and he takes her word for it. Tyler wins something called “Instagranny”, a thing that involves taking care of Jesse’s supposed Grandmother, and Angela begs him to keep it and she swears she will use the Veto on him. He takes Hawaii from Brett (which he surmises will disguise their alliance while not upsetting Scottie by letting him keep the $5k. I like that he also nixes Brett’s chance of getting laid in Hawaii, even though I don’t mind Brett much anymore.)

Once inside, Tyler and Angela confirm their mutual trust and plan to put up Bay. Kaycee has to wear a Health Nut-atard and has to sing along to a jingle from “Space Pecs”, every time it place. Poor Kaycee, seriously. Angie has to be on Jesse’s food program, which involves making smoothies and doing a sprint of some length every time she’s told to. Unless the smoothie is really gross, I actually wouldn’t mind being forced to do this!

Bayleigh meets in the HOH with Angela and Kaycee, with Angela swearing she wants the least blood on her hands, while Bay suggests taking down Angie and putting Scottie back up and out. It’s cute that she actually thinks this is working.

At the Veto meeting, Angela takes Tyler down. She calls it a “fustrating” week. Angela says she knows who the hacker is. She says something about the redundantly named “fabricated lies”, as part of a longer speech, and says she’s going to reveal the identity of the hacker, whom she declares to be Bayleigh. Bayleigh says she’s not the hacker. Angela says there’s no need for Bayleigh to take control of her HOH and says “your power trip is over, honey.” Haleigh feels guilty. Tyler reminds us about the added bonus of flushing out Bay’s power app. This feels a little bit like an episode of Survivor right now.

Well, it’s all going down tomorrow, when one alliance member or another is leaving, most likely in a huff.  EJ will be here with the scoop!

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