Previously on Big Brother: The Hacker Competition turned out to be a much bigger factor than the Power Apps, given that two out of three of those have detonated harmlessly already. Haleigh put up Angela and Kaycee in the hopes of backdooring Tyler, but then Kaycee smoked the Hacker Comp and put up Angie in her stead, because the block is pretty much her second home by this point. Sam alternately cried and was the most terrifying person every on this show. There’s no good ending to a conversation where somebody, unbidden, explains how to properly pull off a curb stomp.

You guys! It’s OTEV week! I’m so excited!

We pick up right after the Hacker Ceremony. Sam is kind of excited that Angie has a shot to be the most nominated person. You can guess who’s not as interested in that achievement. Kaycee tries to act super surprised, which is pretty funny. Kaycee and Angela discuss Veto and they agree Kaycee should use her hack to pick Tyler to play. So if Tyler win Veto he’s safe, and if he doesn’t, he can use his cloud app to stay safe. This is working out well. Brett passes through and they tell him Kaycee is the Hacker and he’s much more loyal to his alliance now.

Angie complains about being on the block again as she passes through the kitchen on her way to the HoH room. Haleigh seems to think she can re-nominate Kaycee and if that’s how the power works, it was not made clear to us. Also, their plan hinges on Haleigh or Angie winning a Veto competition and the outlook on that is iffy at best.

Sam talks to Tyler how she hadn’t planned on being here this long, and it’s interesting that she signed up for this show with the intention of making it just about halfway. Tyler tries to cheer her up and she’s sad for reason that don’t totally make sense and then she tells Tyler that she thinks he’s lying to her. Sam is weird and I don’t know that she had an idea what this show is.

Tyler checks in with Haleigh to convince her that he’s not the Hacker, but she says everybody thinks it’s Kaycee. He’s putting himself in a position where he has to lie directly to somebody for a lengthy period and his deal is mostly not saying much, so it seems like a very bad idea.

Angie’s pretty sure that Kaycee is the Hacker so she decides to go hassle her and says “six other people could have gone up” but then Angie won’t acknowledge that she’s implying that Kaycee is the hacker. So Angie’s mad that Kaycee won’t admit the thing she isn’t willing to come out and say. Kaycee walks away and Angie follows her to another room and complain that she’s not making big moves. I like how Angie doesn’t consider nominating her to be a big move. She knows she’s a non-factor.

Time to pick players for the Veto! The Hacker picks Tyler to play. Haleigh then draws Angie’s name, which basically makes it a Houseguest’s Choice, and she picks Faysal. Then she draws Angela, who picks Kaycee. Now they just have to chill out. Tyler promises Kaycee and Angela that he’ll win.

And now it’s time for the competition. This year, OTEV has taken the form of a skunk with a bad cold. He sneezes something onto the Houseguests. He needs them to bring his medicine. He’ll ask a question and the answer is two evicted houseguests. They need to find the medicine naming those two. Last one is eliminated every round. Angie says there’s no way she’s not going to win. Remind me what pride goeth before? Definitely something.

Angie just barely nudges out Kaycee on the first question and Kaycee is out. Otev sprays them with gas before the next round. Angie goes out on the next round, which means Tyler is the last hope for his alliance. Faysal is out on the next round, slowed down by the fact that he was trying to find one with Angie’s name even though she’s standing next to him and was not evicted.

Then Tyler brainfarts and gets the wrong bottle and has to go back for the right one. He still manages to beat Haleigh. Now it’s Tyler and Angie, and I only expected one of those to make the final two. This is actually a nail biter! It ends with, amazingly, Angie getting the answer first. BUT…. she has the wrong answer! Tyler had it right and I am losing my mind right now. You know what? I still haven’t completely clicked with any houseguests, but this season is turning out to be super fun.

Haleigh tries to work out who she can nominate that would go home over Angie. Faysal thinks she’s a liability and it’s not worth losing an alliance member. They already know they can’t put up a member of Level 6 because they have the numbers.

Veto time! Guys, it took a while but I think Angela is my official summer crush. Tyler says he knows Haleigh wants him to veto Angie, but he reminds her that she put a target on him and took away his vote last week, so she’s not going to get her way. He uses the Veto on Angela, which is as close as Tyler’s come to openly taking a side at this point. Haleigh is pissed as she puts Kaycee back up. With Kaycee’s ability to remove a vote, Tyler and Co. really just need to line up one vote and that shouldn’t be tough. Angie sour grapes it for a bit and that’s the end of the episode.

Myndi will be here tomorrow for the live elimination and I am so geeked to see how this goes. I thought this was going to be a turd of a season but I’m having a blast. Good job, CBS!

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