Previously on Big Brother, OTEV returned to the show in the form of a skunk, and Angie nearly won Veto, until she snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by bringing OTEV the wrong answer, even though she brought it first.  Tyler wins again! This is getting to be a trend. Post Veto meeting, Angie and her posse discuss how they for sure have the votes from Fessy, Sam and Scottie, while they feel like JC always goes with the majority, so he’ll definitely be on their side!

Tyler and Kaycee are talking in the game room (It has Jenga, so that’s the name I’m going with!). When Angie comes in, she sends Tyler out (nicely enough) and tells Kaycee that Angela seems entitled and gets whatever she wants.  She weepily says “you were not supposed to go home this week.” Kaycee somehow keeps a straight face. Angela comes in when Angie leaves and she and Kaycee try to control their laughter as Kaycee recounts what was just said. They predict a 5-1 vote with Fessy’s vote cancelled out.

Elsewhere, Tyler is explaining to Sam that they can’t hang out that much right now in order to protect the Final Two deal they made back on Day 4. Tyler DRs, however, that he seems to have deals with a whole bunch of people, and he is doing his best to do right by all of them until he absolutely must break them. She tells him that her loyalty lies with him, and DRs she just has to trust him.

Fessy is annoying Haleigh (as per usual) and then somehow manages to break the sink that CBS clearly spent tons of money installing in the HOH.  That thing doesn’t even appear to be anchored to the wall in any way. I feel like we’re on the set of a 70s sitcom or something. Anyway, we then head to footage of them cuddling in bed which leads to a bit of a make out sesh. It doesn’t seem like they’re doin’ it or anything, but there’s touching. And she’s pissed that that her dad will see it, which makes complete sense.  I definitely wouldn’t want my dad to watch me make out with anyone.

Angie pulls Brett aside to campaign for his vote.  She talks about the two of them having an alliance would be “hiding in plain sight, which is my favorite way to hide.” You might want to give your clothing and eyewear that message, Ang. She then dubs the two of them Mr. & Mrs. Smith and honey, you’re name might be Angie and his might start with a B, but you two are no Brangelina. To his credit, Brett DRs something to that effect, but then adds that “just like all Hollywood marriages, this is gonna end in a messy divorce”.  He tells Tyler, Angela and Kaycee, who can hardly believe how well this is going. Then, Haleigh and Angela invite him up in the HOH to help work on her pre-vote speech. Brett manages to keep a straight face as he makes suggestions. Oh man, he’s playing her so hard. Angie and Fessy talk about how she’s “unevictable”.

Before the vote, we learn that Tyler is from the small town of Rossford, Ohio and he’s an excellent bowler. We meet his mom and grandma. His dad died when he was 17. He gave up bowling when dad died, or else mom thinks he’d be a pro bowler by now. Mom explains that he’s a genuine guy and that’s why he’s doing so well. He’s getting the key to the city of Rossford when he gets home! Go Tyler…I bet that comes with free Tony Packo’s for life!

Time for the Voting! Kaycee thanks an imaginary all girls alliance that excluded Sam, which she says was formed by “these two babes” (Angie and Haleigh?) She asks people to keep her in the house and says she’s nervous. Angie stands up and explains that Angela, Kaycee and Tyler are an unbreakable trio; the girls have the “unfallible” loyalty of Tyler. She tells the group that if they keep Kaycee, it empowers them, “but if you keep me, you’ll be empowering yourselves instead of these competitive, beautiful people.” She then tells everyone to play ball. The hacker prevents Faysal from voting, which is a shock to no one.

The vote does in fact end up being 5-1, with only Scottie voting Kaycee out. (JC went with the majority, just like they predicted!) There are actually hugs all around, which sorta surprised me. Everyone is consoling each other like she’s dead, which is always my favorite mood in the house.

In her Chenterview, Angie admits to being blindsided. She thinks Sam voted to keep her, but Julie can neither confirm or deny, since she’s on the jury. She does ask Angie if she feels betrayed. She says just by the person who came up with the hacker twist, which gets a big laugh from the studio audience. As she gets emotional, they discuss how close she came to winning competitions. Angela’s goodbye message is snotty but she wasn’t getting her vote anyway, so it’s probably not a big deal.  Brett, however, could have maybe won her over if he kept up his boo-hooing for the whole thing instead of being all “gotcha!” at the end. Julie even wonders aloud if these morons remember that Angie is going to jury.

The HOH comp is that annual one where the players have to traverse a greased up lane to deliver some liquid from a big barrel to a smaller one fastest in order to win. Everyone starts off kind of well considering, and Fessy in particular is basically running back and forth without much trouble. JC is the comic relief, as his short legs and generally small stature are not helpful here. He cannot keep up and falls a lot. We don’t get our winner tonight, but it’s never seemed more obvious in all the years they’ve done this comp.  EJ will be here with the fallout after Sunday’s show! See you next week!

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