Previously on Big Brother, this game just seems to be neverending.  Julie tells us there are less than three weeks left in the game, which seems impossible with all the people still left in the house. Tyler is happy Kaycee didn’t use the veto because he knows however the vote falls, he has less chancce of being blamed. Haleigh tells Tyler about Scottie saying he was the pawn, but Tyler covers pretty well despite being exasperated with her badgering him about it in the DR.  In the kitchen, Scottie confronts Tyler about Haleigh being nervous to go, and once again, Ty handles it smoothly.  

Angela and Tyler get busted snuggling by JC some more.  When Angela leaves the HOH room, JC asks point blank why Angela ran from the bed to the couch when she heard him coming. JC tells Ty that if they do things the right way, Brett will take out Kaycee and Angela. Tyler wants him to lay off, saying it’s still too soon. Later, when Angela comes back, Tyler tells her than JC busted them, and she tells him how much JC annoys her.  She thinks he’s a diva and a gossip and maybe a bigger threat than Haleigh. Tyler doesn’t like that either. He’s made too many deals and gotten involved in this showmance on top of that…he doesn’t want to throw away his game to keep her safe, which she clearly sees as a given, but he is very torn, because he’s really into this chick.

If I didn’t find JC so irritating, I would enjoy these almost weekly segments about him and his accent, but I really don’t care that he can’t pronounce the word “turtle” properly.

Scottie tells Brett that Angie hated Angela’s Goodbye Message (which they shorthand into “GBM”) more than Brett’s and that they think Brett is more of a shield than an alliance mate.  Brett’s wheels start turning about how handing Angela to the jury would make them like him a lot more. JC and Brett hammock and discuss going for Angela as a backdoor nomination. He thinks they should nominate Haleigh and Sam, who they agree will just go after each other. Brett explains that he’s exploiting JC’s paranoia and looking at all the angles. Of course, a lot of this is predicated on either of them actually winning a competition.

Hey, it’s Derrick from season 16!  He says it’s been a great season. He explains that Level 6 (probably the least objectionable alliance name in the history of this show) has avoided personality conflicts and dominated the game and that all the members have contributed to its success by a combination of winning comps, having a strong social game or their double agent, Brett. On the other hand, he says, JC has never been on the block, and is using paranoia to his advantage.  He even says Scottie could somehow win (well…). He and Julie discuss how Tyler has final two deals with Sam, JC, Kaycee and Brett…as well as an unsaid final two with Angela, so he’ll have some explaining to do if he gets to the end. Derrick points out something that should be obvious to the players, but often isn’t: Jury management is critical…it’s all in how you get there. He thinks if Tyler is in the final two, that he should not take Kaycee, but rather take Angela, based on what we’re hearing from jury so far, or even against JC, Brett or Sam…he’ll have a better chance. Thanks for stopping by, derrick.  You still remind me of a Wahlberg and a Damon mushed into one Bostonian.

Back to the live vote, Scottie says to the players that if you vote him out, you can suck it…”except for Tyler, because he’s already getting steady diet of that.”  Whoa, classy one, Virgin King! Haleigh starts with “to evict or not to evict?” and her Shakespearean-themed speech is positive overall.

And then Scottie is evicted unanimously for the second time in a row…ouch! That’s gotta hurt. In his second Chenterview, Scottie says he’s unpredictable and they don’t know what to do with him. Julie asks him why he didn’t act more predictably,this go round, and he says he tried.  But he thought they’d get rid of him anyway, because they’re not good liars. He also thought Tyler was second best next to Fessy, who wasn’t an option when he returned. He says Tyler’s a coward because he does whatever the house wants, which Julie questions. He says he gave Tyler intel…but would have put him up if he’d won. Julie expresses that he really is unpredictable, but leaves out the part where his logic is completely flawed.  Now for those goodbye messages Derrick explained were so important. Haleigh calls Scottie extraordiinary and intelligent. Tyler admits to knowing Scottie was going home, and says it’s because he was best social player. He tells him to tell his friends about the power app he had for two months and didn’t need to use. JC says his ouster was the HOH’s will. Brett says he tried to rally votes, but the HOH was in control. Scottie says he’s not telling the jurors anything. Not sure what the point is there, champ, but you do you.

For the HOH comp, you have to get a “pearl” in each “oyster” at end of three minutes, or the win goes to the player that has the most in the shortest amount of time if no one can get to three.  It’s basically rolling balls down a balance board ramp. In a very tight race, Kaycee wins!! She has kind of an “oh shit” look on her face when she wins. It turns out she beat Brett by less than a second. And in the best news of all, WE FINALLY HAVE A DOUBLE EVICTION NEXT WEEK! I am genuinely thrilled for this, because these people are grating on me something fierce.  

We will see you next week for all the late season antics!

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