Previously on Big Brother, Kaycee made Sam a pawn and Sam threatened some sort of WWE meltdown if that turned out not to be true.  Just after the nominations, Kaycee promises Level 6 will be the Final Four. Sam can’t believe her friend nominated her, which, um, has she seen this show before?  Haleigh promises to win the veto again, some more.

JC and Brett discuss both Brett’s hairstyle options and the possibility of who will go up if either girl wins Veto. Kaycee and Tyler discuss how they have to manage Sam and how they don’t want JC to play or win Veto, since he’s the replacement nominee if needed.

Everyone is asked to gather in the living room, and it turns out to be videos from home.  Angela’s parents are cute and southern. Brett’s mom and sisters look very normal and think they’re funny, so that’s a thing that runs in the family.  Sam’s family is super down home and cute, but her brother is wearing like, a sailor suit and some sort of bucket hat with a chin strap? There’s a lot to unpack. Oh, and Dad has impeccable facial hair.

Tyler’s mom and stepdad talk to him and mention his dad in heaven.  He DRs about how much he misses his dad and how he gets his strength from him. Kaycee’s dad calls her “peanut” and her three brothers are all uniformly cute. JC has a message from a friend we find out is named Regina. He DRs that he’s sad he didn’t hear from his family, and I suddenly feel bad. He says even the other gay person got a message from her family, and that no matter what he does, it will never be good enough. All of sudden, I’m drawing weird Tyrion Lannister comparisons in my head. Haleigh’s parents are super middle class Texas, and they love their daughter. Adorbs.

Next up, we get a montage of how JC and Brett are buddies now, but both are willing to send the other out of the game if need be. That was fun.

Time to pick POV players! Kaycee picks Tyler, Haleigh pulls Angela and Sam gets HG choice and selects Brett over JC. Afterward, JC begins working on Tyler to enlist Kaycee to go after Brett or Angela if one of the girls wins POV.  In the DR, Tyler continues to grow anxious about JC in the game.

The Power of Veto Comp is the return of BB Comics. The fastest to race through “BeTropolis” and knock down cardboard cutouts of the imposters–otherwise known as the one that doesn’t match the comic book cover–wins. With most of the cutouts, you have two different houseguests, not two of the same players, with the exception of the “TwinStons” at the end. It’s also a bit of an obstacle course across the “city” which includes hanging onto a helicopter, crossing a pole and jumping in a dumpster.  It’s completely unclear who is going fastest, since no one gets it on the first try. But Tyler seems super observant, at the very least. When the times are in, Tyler’s is a strong 6:36, Brett is close but no cigar at 7:30, and here comes Kaycee with a stunning 2:17. Sam, Angela and Haleigh are nowhere close, and Kaycee grabs her third POV in a row.  Someone’s officially a comp beast!

The veto meeting is uneventful as Kaycee tactfully keeps here own nominations the same. She’s very good at this, I must say.  I see her being very tough to beat in a jury vote if she keeps this up. EJ will be here for the exciting double eviction tomorrow as we barrel toward the season finale!


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