Previously on Big Brother: Somehow Myndi ended up recapping the annual BB Comics challenge again and you were spared a bunch of superhero jokes. HoH Kaycee won the Veto. By a lot. She rocked this challenge, guys. So she didn’t use the Veto and Haleigh and Sam are on the block going into a Double Eviction Night!

Julie Chen, who will likely be leaving CBS soon and we’ll miss her very much, kicks it to the tape even though there’s a lot to do tonight. Haleigh bemoans her fate, as she does every week at this time. Level 6 talks about how it’ll probably be a double eviction and they have to put up Sam and JC. But if one of those two wins, Angela volunteers to go up as a pawn. Um. Wouldn’t that be up to the HoH to decide? You guys have been running the game for so long that you forgot free will exists.

In the pantry, Brett pitches the idea of getting rid of Angela to Tyler. He thinks this would make them heroes with the Jury. Tyler flips it to Kaycee being the target. So Tyler brings an edited version of this conversation to Kaycee, leaving out the part where he talks Brett into turning on her.

And now it’s back to the live show. It’s business time. The hamsters are surprised at how quickly Julie shows up, so she breaks the news that it’s Double Eviction Night. Haleigh gives yet another eviction speech, and she says “I’ll have your necks” instead of “backs”, which made me laugh. Sam, once again voiced by Pamela Adlon, says she’ll take a piece of each of them if she leaves and the studio audience laughs because they know she’ll kill them.

Votes! Tyler votes to evict Haleigh. And then everybody else does. These votes are getting quick! Julie breaks the news and Haleigh leaves non-contentiously. She has a short Chenterview where she blames the breakdown of her game on admitting to being the first hacker, but let’s be honest. It was all Faysal. But she’s looking forward to seeing him.

She has no interest in her goodbye messages. Kaycee and Angela both blame Brett for her ouster. They’re finally thinking jury. Brett blames everybody else. He announces plans to party with her, and she says “uninvited”. So long, Haleigh! I never got comfortable with spelling your name!

Julie tells us the houseguests watched short video clips on the monitors and it’s a bunch of scenes from past competitions, include Scottie pouring milk on the floor because he’s an ass. So we know it’s a memory challenge.

Time for the competition! I like that they have Kaycee sitting in a rocking chair like Bray Wyatt. Julie’s going to play the clips again and when they pause, they have to pick which of two things happen next.   Angela can’t get a single one right for the longest time. There are some cutaways to the fish during the comp. Tyler wins, with Sam a close second. And now Tyler actually has to commit to a course of action, and this is what I’ve been waiting for all season.

There are some rushed one on ones and we see Tyler ask Sam to trust him over and over again, which means he’s up to something. They’re in rush mode now, so Tyler nominates JC and Sam with no preamble. And since we’re down to six people, everybody is playing for Veto.

Everybody has a long ramp with obstacles on it – you have to place blocks so you can drop a ball on the ramp and it will reach the target zone at the end. I feel like this one isn’t a slam dunk for getting done quickly, so it’s a surprising choice. But it turns out that Angela wins fairly quickly. I don’t see her using it, even if she thinks Brett’s a problem – she’s smart enough that she won’t be the first one to flip on her alliance.

We some whispered one-on-ones that are hard for me to make out what with all the microphone interference and fish cutaways.

Veto meeting! Angela uses the Veto on JC and Tyler puts up Brett. I am really surprised it went that way, but not as surprised as they’re going to be when JC wins the whole thing.

Eviction speeches! Sam says she won’t change anything if she stays. Brett doesn’t do his usual thing and says he understands, but he doesn’t want to have to spend time with Angie. HA!

Everybody votes to evict Brett and man, it feels like the only way Tyler or Angela can win is if they’re sitting next to the other one. When Julie announces it, Brett seems more sad then angry. He says goodbye and doesn’t make a scene, but you can tell this hurts. And then the audience cheers and he’s back in Brett Mode for a bit.

First line of the Chenterview: “You got played, son.” Julie asks why he didn’t expose Level 6 at the last minute, and it really seems like Brett wanted to be loyal. Quiet, thoughtful Brett is weird. He says he feels most betrayed by Tyler, and that guy’s going to have problems with a lot of his final two promises in a hurry. He says he’s not bitter and unlike most people, seems to mean it. I kind of wish we’d seen more of this Brett. And I’m actually going to miss the guy.

On Sunday, some popular singer whose name I don’t know is going to visit the house. Julie says her name and it’s just a collection of sounds that I can’t turn into letters. Myndi has a better chance of knowing, so she has my best wishes.

And in an amazing “Oh, Snap” moment, Julie Chen signs off for the first time ever as “Julie Chen-Moonves”. I don’t really want to get into it because everything points to Moonves being a bad guy, but I have a certain admiration for Julie picking her side and committing.

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