We are truly in the homestretch now, and the show finally gets to use a line they’ve been dying to for a while, as tonight, without a doubt “Level 6 will get leveled”.  Thanks, Julie Chen. That’s a fun cut out neckline you’ve got goin’ on, too! The announcer explains that JC won the HOH after Sam was “curbstomped” out of the house, which is an unsettling callback to an earlier comment Sam made and also American History X.  Let’s get to a Live POV meeting and live eviction, shall we?

JC wants Angela out, while all of Level 6 is sad about their perfect final three plan being scuttled. Angela and Tyler are nominated. JC says Angela is one of his favorite people in the house, but she made him a pawn. He tells Tyler he’s been a bitch to him and nominating him was a “very bitchy move”. Tyler points out that the POV holder is the only one who’s safe and picks the other member of the final three, which he’s not prepared to do. Yeah, he really shouldn’t even want to do that.

We finally get a glimpse inside the jury house. Scottie returns and says he takes it as a badge of courage that they wanted him out again.  OK, Scottie, you go with that. Bayleigh, Fessy and Angie all react in disgust to watching the HOH comp. Fessy is pissed that the same people are winning comps. Bayleigh says we all made our beds, Fessy says we all did…Bayleigh is all “did we?” She continues that none of them are as big of an idiot as he is and he counters by pointing out her error in telling the opposite side that you have a power is pretty stupid.  Fessy and Bay continue to argue while Angie hula hoops, which encapsulates the whole season with these goobers. Haleigh shows up with hugs for everyone. Fessy is really focused on how dumb they look. Angie says Kaycee’s playing the best game. She said she wanted Angela, Brett and Tyler out from the beginning. Brett shows up with a “What’s up losers, who missed me?” Angie, saying the first thing I’ve ever solidly agreed with her on all season, “This guy is a douchebag. What a tool.” While watching the HOH video, Brett trashes Tyler. Bayleigh says Angela and Tyler have all the blood on their hands. Haleigh points out that they self destructed. Brett says he has to hang out with the nerd herd, and he’s not pleased.  I feel like Brett could easily star in a Revenge of The Nerds reboot. Sam shows up in her overalls. She tells the camera she wishes she’d been more selfish and is so confused as to what happened.

While watching the video, Sam points out that Angela and Tyler each have three HOH wins. Sam tells the other jurors about her final two deal with Tyler. Scottie says he knows Tyler used him, but he respects his game. Sam says she won’t trust him ever again, and I have a feeling that’s in real life. You don’t cross Sam, guys.  She’ll stuff you and mount you on a wall somewhere. Angie admits Tyler never did wrong by her, and Haleigh says she can’t be mad at him on a game level.

The POV comp requires the players to maneuver balls into a “thumbs up” hole using a wire and pulley contraption to get the balls into the hole. Each round, there are several answers as to which competitions on the board fit the various descriptions given. Whoever finishes last gets a strike, and two strikes and you’re out. JC loses the first two rounds and is out. He’s embarrassed. He says he wants Kaycee to win and send Angela home. Tyler gets the next two strikes and he’s done. He doesn’t control his destiny, which he says make him sad. Angela gets strike one. On the final question Kaycee gets the wrong comps at first. But, Angela mistakenly thinks the answer is all the comps won by women, but it’s just the HOHs. Kaycee figures out her error and corrects to win Veto for a fifth time. Angela says she understands that Kaycee has to do what she has to do.  Tyler is near tears in the DR about being in love with Angela.

Final speeches. Angela calls Kaycee her little peanut and says the four of them are bonded for life. She says she won’t campaign against Tyler and that she respects Kaycee’s decision and loves her. Tyler shouts out CBS, his friends and family. He then gives props to Kaycee and JC for repping the LGBT community by just being themselves.  He calls Angela resilient and beautiful and says anyone would be crazy not to be 100% in love with her.

Kaycee stands up to address the group and says the three of them won 19 comps combined. She says Tyler is like her brother and she appreciates how he offers everyone eggs in the morning. She tells Angela that they’ve had a bond from the start, and the people attacking you have no idea who you are; loving, smart and so special. Near tears, she says it’s strictly game and she evicts Angela.

Chen-Moonvesterview. Angela tells Julie she thought there was truly a 50/50 chance as to who Kaycee would evict and she respects her choice. Julie asks about she and Tyler’s future. She says she’s head over heels obsessed with him. In the goodbye videos, Kaycee confirms her Day 2 Final two with Tyler and says she hopes Angela understands. JC says he’s sorry they got so distant in the last part of the game, but hopes they will always be friends. Ty confirms the final two with Kaycee and also admits he had a power app, which seems like ancient history at this point. He confesses his love once again and Angela is not even remotely mad.

We’ve got another episode Sunday then the finale next Wednesday to put Season 20 in the books! See you soon!

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