I have to admit something to you all…I am really not digging anyone in this cast yet.  Is this like when I used to watch The Real World religiously, until one day I suddenly just couldn’t deal anymore?  That might be happening here.

Sam explains her bonus life power app from the DR while playing it cool to the group like she didn’t get anything. Faysal admits he got the Crap App, meaning he’s the least trending houseguest. Hayleigh is worried about the other side of the house having the power app, whoever that it at this early stage. Elsewhere, JC snuggles with Faysal, and given what I’ve heard online about JC, it’s more upsetting than it needs to be.

Up in the HOH room, Sam tells Tyler she has a super power but she’s cagey enough that he’s still confused as to what that might mean.

Chris and Tyler play chess (well, they sit there in front of the chess board) and Chris is pitching Angela as a replacement nom, who Chris doesn’t know is in Ty’s alliance.  Ty tells him that Bay would be a good pawn if Steve wins veto.

“Hamazon Swine” comes for Faysal (his Crap App) and it’s basically a deli tray of just ham…except it’s veggie ham since he’s Muslim.  Dude, that’s your own fault. You had choices and you blew it. It takes him hours to eat his first delivery. It’s not clear exactly how many deliveries were made and over how long. But it’s enough to make him puke, so there’s that.

Tucked in for the night, Chris and Bayleigh cry over a nomination that may not even happen. He asks if they should “detatch” their games from one another to help things? Bay says this hurts her feelings. She goes to talk to Tyler. He assures her that she’d be a pawn if she did go up. She cries some more and won’t accept his answer.

For the first POV, Tyler picks Chris with Houseguest’s Choice. Sam gets Scottie, who is a person on this show. Apparently he and Steve are allies, though there is precious little visual evidence that Steve could pick Scottie out of a lineup. Maybe that’s their strategy! Steve picks Faysal with his HG Choice and says he’s looking to build trust. Bayleigh just looks salty the whole time. Later, it’s a total sausage fest in the HOH and Ty tells Steve, Faysal, Chris and Scottie that Sam is going home. This brain trust decides Angela must have the power and Ty keeps pushing Sam to leave to keep Steve comfortable.

JC is hosting the POV comp, which is ostensibly about viral videos, but I don’t think I’d click on a single one of these. The comp is broken into five stages. Last place is eliminated at each stage.

Stage One requires getting three “Like Icons” (discs) from a snake bite pit. Everyone wigs out, Indiana Jones Style. Steve is done first. Sam is next (apparently, she killed snakes for her Grammy back in the day). Tyler describes the snakes as “an arm with a face that wants to kill you”, but he soldiers through. Scottie got zero and is out. Steve has nothing to say about it, so their plan is working!

Stage Two requires the players to jump in a cold pool (aka “The Arctic”) to collect ten likes. Chris says he didn’t learn how to swim in “December or Antarctica”. Chris is eliminated.

Stage Three is basically paintball except the goal is not to get knocked off a post, which gets smaller and smaller with each round. In a mildly amusing bit of editing, Steve falls before he can DR about his plan to balance on the smallest post. He says that “Physiologically, my mind doesn’t have balance.”  Huh. I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but it’s late and fireworks have been going off for about an hour straight in my neighborhood.

Stage Four is down to Sam, Tyler and Faysal. They have to balance balls on a flat surface and walk them across to a tube.  The twist is that they must wear shock collars. Sam is eliminated and I just realized that her accent reminds me of Scarlett from Nashville. It was driving me nuts, y’all.

Stage Five starts with Faysal and Tyler discussing if Faysal would change nominations if he won. Ty says he is throwing the comp, but it seems like Faysal would have killed it anyway. It’s about matching the flavors of some gross drinks, but it doesn’t really matter.  Faysal wins easy.

The Veto meeting arrives, and Faysal has to eat ham during it. He decides not to use the POV. No big surprise there. Why ruffle feathers in week one? Steve thinks he has the numbers to stay (well, we know he has Scottie’s vote!) and Bay is gloaty in the DR, which is not a great look.

EJ will see you tomorrow for the first live eviction!

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