Previously on Big Brother, Kaitlyn won HOH and cried a lot after flipping on her alliance.  

In the aftermath of the vote, Chris and Bayleigh are freaking out. He says someone was rat. Tyler is thrilled, because has no blood on hands and is now officially targeting Chris’ side of the house. He runs interference with Fessy and Chris in storage. When Winston comes in, Chris is pissed, Bayleigh wants him to shut it down. Sam is thrilled she still has her bonus life.

Winston, Brett and Rachel, who was dressed for the prom rather than a TV broadcast, discern that it was Kaitlyn who flipped because of the voting order. Scottie is in storage recapping the HOH competition and apparently Sam is there, inside the cupboard? Wait, wasn’t she AT the competition?  Does she have a short term memory problem?

Kaitlyn reminds us she has no idea what she’s doing this and how she’s in the middle. This will be tonight’s theme. Tyler wants to subtly influence Kaitlyn and since she’s told us she has no clue, this should be very doable. First, she tells Winston he has to go up in order for her to backdoor Chris.  Then, she instructs Scottie that he’ll be a pawn. Because Scottie has zero chill, he freaks out and complains to Fessy and Chris. Fessy tries to convince Kaitlyn not to put him up. Instead, she has to tell Fessy and Chris that Winston is the target.

In the wake of one last (vegetarian) ham delivery to Fessy, we are informed that the BB app store is open for business.  One by one, the houseguests find out that no one loves them (aka the are not top trending), until we get to Chris who downright yells, “What more I gotta do to trend?”  Doesn’t that just say everything in one sentence about these people’s motivations?

Rachel, she of the casual racism, is least trending, and cries. For her Crap App, she selects “Yell!” This means an angry reviewer will give her feedback on her and her game for 24 hours. That could be interesting, but I’m guessing production will find a way to screw it up.

Tyler is top trending, something I suppose becomes more likely when you are HoH in week one, and therefore automatically stand out from the crowd. He selects the Cloud app, which means he can save himself at either the nomination ceremony or veto meaning one time in the next 8 weeks.  So, he’s not necessarily safe for 8 weeks, unless it takes him that long to get on anyone’s radar to nominate, which does not seem likely.

At long last, we reach the nominations. Scottie and Winston are up, something we’ve known for about 20 minutes, even though it feels like five hours.  In the DR, each guy is a little nervous, but Scottie’s concern is a little more cartoonish. He would be pretty mentally exhausting to hang around. But, I suppose that’s better than JC, who would be exhausting physically, since one would always have to be running away from a man who wants to stick an ice cream scoop in places that item is not meant to go.  Between that and the way he pronounces the word “hiatus”, I’d really like to see him go up on the block, but my money is on Chris to end up there by the time we’re done with POV. EJ will see you soon with the recap of that competition!

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