Previously on Big Brother, Tyler seems to be the only one really playing the game.  I mean, Chris thinks he is, but he’s in control of nothing, while Kaitlyn is bursting into tears every five seconds, so that barely qualifies.

Julie opens the show by announcing that either the “Showmance” or the “Bromance” will be broken apart with tonight’s vote.  Sadly, Brett has chosen to sport a denim jacket with no shirt as the top half of his ensemble. This screams douchebag very loudly.  Winston, my friend, I feel like you can do better.

After to POV meeting, Kaitlyn is crying so much that she can’t even look at Bayleigh when she comes to hug her.  She has Tyler, Fessy and JC tending to her like she passed out while running a marathon. It’s all a little much. Bay says she’s going to be “Nice Nasty” and campaign for Chris.  There’s talk of who would and wouldn’t have come for whom and then Bay leaves to go check on her man.

Chris says he’s “pissed” but “straight”, as he, Fessy, Angie and her hideous glasses try to form a gameplan.  Bayleigh tells him he’s not going anywhere. Winston and Kaycee go over votes with virtually no drama. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is crying some more to Fessy, who is confused.  And probably sick of Kaitlyn’s whining and crying. Seriously, her vocal fry is beyond irritating.

Thankfully, Tyler is with Kaitlyn to run interference when Chris comes in to swear on his “Dead Dad’s grave” that he’s not lying and also that he loves Bayleigh.  She feels bad that she’s stopping his dream from “playing out” and taking him away from his girl. It pretty much works on Kaitlyn (“He swore on his Da-ad!!”) but Tyler is not going to let her go there.  Out in the yard, Chris spins a yarn to Sam that involves him going to 17 schools in 8 years, his dad falling into a coma and dying and his mom leaving him when he was 3. I’m not aware if any of this is true or false, but it seems like he’s just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.  If it’s all true, dude, I apologize, but I don’t think it is. Sam says she sees there’s a person under his Swaggy C persona. He DRs that it’s 100% acting. She DRs that she’s considering using the bonus life on him, but I don’t really believe that.

Nomination speeches.  Chris thanks Jesus, Bridgeport and his mom (well, I bet Sam feels stupid right about now). Then, Swaggy C emerges (Lord) and says everyone sucks and talks about keeping people safe because he’s won competitions.  He also says his outfit is flawless and him staying is what the viewers want. He ends by complimenting Scottie, who is wearing his Swaggy C merch.  Winston basically apologizes for not wearing a shirt with his name on it (he looks like an adult; wearing jeans, a grey blazer and black button down) and thanks everyone for the privilege of playing the game.

Bayleigh, Haleigh, Faysal and Angie vote to evict Winston and everyone else votes to send Chris packing, including Scottie who says he appreciates the flattery but he’s “nobody’s goon”.  And, if anybody knows what the heck Rachel was doing when she cast her vote and made heart hands, please explain it to me. When the vote is read, Chris does not hug Hayleigh, but does hug Scottie, so he misread the votes.  His track record of not properly reading the room is unblemished. So long to Swaggy C, the Laverne DeFazio of Big Brother. (Once again, google it, kids!)

In his Chenterview, Julie explains that Chris was very confident, but points out that he was blindsided with both votes.  Chris says everyone is “soft” and that you can’t trust anyone. He says Hayleigh refused to wear a Swaggy shirt, telling Julie that it was Scottie’s idea, but she cuts him off and tells him she voted for him to stay.  Then she kicks it to his casting tape, where he goes on at length about how guys in the middle of alliances win, not the people who lead from the get go, and he gives examples like Ian and Derek from previous seasons. When Julie asks what happened to that guy, Chris is flustered, explaining that he won comps and got a girlfriend on day six, so he was in the drama and couldn’t lay low.

The goodbye messages feature Fessy sounding like they’ve been in jail together, rather than on a game show (“see you on the outside”); Kaitlyn saying this is “what was meant to happen” and Tyler explaining his plan very coherently (which Chris doesn’t like).  Then, Bayleigh calls him “Christopher Jordan Williams” and tells him she loves him and says it’s “Swayleigh all day”. Julie confirms that he loves her, too. Yay? I mean, they seem like a cute couple, but his personality is way too much for me.

The HOH comp is a classic Big Brother true/false quiz based on some videos. Some people play with more intensity than others.  Kaycee is out on the first question. Tyler, Bayleigh, Hayleigh, Winston, Brett, JC and Angela go out on question two. Sam goes out on question three. Angie leaves on question five.  Fessy goes out on question six, and both Scottie and Rachel get question seven, so we go to the tiebreaker. While Rachel takes so long to do the math that she neary gets disqualified, Scottie pretty much guesses, but they’re both way over and Scottie wins. Huh, interesting.  I still have no vested interested in anyone, so let’s just hope this week starts getting good! EJ will see you next time with nominations!


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