Previously on Big Brother, Michie thought he was smarter than he actually is, but he may have correctly estimated how dumb a majority of his alliance is.  Nominated once again, Cliff Hogg III says he is going to teach these youngsters how its done, then proceeds to do nothing of the sort.  Nick is upset because he was told by Nicole that four members of his alliance (Michie, Jack, Sis and Holly) were planning to nominate he and Bella if he hadn’t won HOH.  He calls a big chunk of said alliance up to the HOH room to discuss the issue.

It quickly gets all shouty and ugly, with Sis (which I’ll only allow because it lets me skip the constant spellcheck I have to do on her real name), taking Nick’s accusation and flipping it around; she and Christie assert that Nicole told them she was being bullied by Nick and Bella, rather than what the video shows: they planted that idea and egged her on.  

Nick won’t let David into the room because they’re talking game and David backs down quickly, probably because he knows he doesn’t need to wade into this bullshit.  Cliff Hogg III is also sent away, but for some reason hustles off to Jack to report that he should go in there and see what’s happening.  Wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to keep Jack away from what has blatantly been stated is a strategy session? Michie sends Nicole away as Jack brushes right by her to go in.

Downstairs, Kemi, Jess, Cliff, Ovi and Nicole wonder what’s going on up there. Ovi is mad because he was a bullying victim in his youth.  When he approaches the room, he is locked out while they shit talk him through the door. Nick says “they’re trying to turn us against each other” and he wants Nicole out. He says she defamed his character. Oh, honey, you signed up to spend the summer in a glorified hamster habitat, that’s all on you. Apparently, Sam is in there too, so the alliance has grown and they’re now going to be called Unde9able.  That is dumber than Grateful and I will not type it again. The editors send it to commercial with Kat ringing the HOH doorbell, seemingly oblivious to all.

David goes into storage and Christie and Jack condescendingly tell him he’s been perfect in his Camp Comeback situation, while saying Ovi’s screwed himself.  Ovi appears and asks for a moment with Jack. He asks if everything is OK. Jack says everything’s fine, while being a giant dick. “You’re in Camp Comeback, I can’t touch you.” It’s actually a bit menacing. Ovi says Jack is disrespectful and tries to intimidate him and Nicole.  You don’t say!  

Bella and Tommy go to talk to Nicole separately. Bella says she was angry about being called a bully and calls it an obnoxious lie.  Nicole is frustrated with herself for even talking to Bella, knowing that she blew up Black Widows and Kemi already, so why wouldn’t she do it to Nicole, too?

Tommy says he is listening to Bella bulldoze Nicole, and he’s starting to believe Nicole. The guy is playing peacemaker and setting himself up for long term success. Later, Nicole is crying while talking to Jess and Kat about being angry about how Bella is playing.  I was indifferent about Nicole before, but I now feel genuinely bad for her.  

The next day, she comes into a room with Kat and Bella, says she loves Bella, and actually apologizes if anything she said hurt her.  Bella is nonplussed, and begins interrogated her again. Anything Nicole says, she counters with “Now you’re being defensive” or “You attacked my character”  or “Now you’re calling me uneducated” Sis walks in and out. She tells Nick they’re in there together with Kat. Tommy comes with him. Suddenly Holly is there too.  Bella just keeps condescending to her. She is such a mean girl!

Time to pick players for the Veto.  Nick picks Jackson, Cliff picks Kat, Jess gets HG choice and picks…Christie?  She DRs that Nicole ruffled feathers, and it wouldn’t be in the best interest of her game to pick her. Nicole can’t believe her shortsightedness; nor can I.

Kaitlyn from BB 20 is here to host the comp, and shows her acting chops by telling a ghost story about the girl who  couldn’t put together a puzzle to save her Big Brother life…”and that girl was ME!” Players have to go into the murky “forest” and find their puzzle pieces, get back and build their puzzle first. Nick is struggling; most of them are, actually. Christie is still looking for a piece while everyone else is working. To the shock of everyone, Kat (yes, Kat!) wins easily. She’s dorky in the DR, but we’ve gotten a little bit used to that from her at this point. She wishes she could save, Cliff, Jess and Nicole with her Veto, but of course she can’t. 

In one of the most out of nowhere segments I can recall seeing on this show, Christie says she’s getting a weird vibe from Nick and suddenly thinks he’s trying to back door her.  She is super paranoid. Sis DRs that she needs to relax. Christie cries in the DR. Talking with Kat, she concludes “There’s nothing I can do”. Um, how about ask the girl standing right in front of you not to use the veto? Instead, Christie instead wants to use the Diamond Veto to stay off the block, which she’s in no danger of going on.  It’s like wasting a hidden immunity idol on Survivor. When the time finally arrives, Kat vetoes Jess. Nick puts up Nicole , saying (for the second time) he doesn’t get mad, he gets even. Christie says the risk she took in not using her power was huge, but it really wasn’t.  

Bella says Nicole had it coming and after tomorrow, “we’ll never have to see Nicole again.”  Nicole says she doesn’t know who to trust. Poor kid. EJ will be here with the vote and the Camp Comeback result tomorrow!

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