Previously on Big Brother, these people kept creating worse and worse alliance names.  Tommy seemed pretty bright. Cliff Hogg III was evicted, only to immediately return by smoking everyone else in the Comeback comp. Well, that was anti-climactic.  Cliff says he beat three people more than half his age…but it wasn’t exactly a feat of strength. Nick feels betrayed and blindsided and says the damage is done.  

Sam asks Christie what happened. He DRs that he looks like an idiot, but it’s not like it’s the first time, is it? Kat is crying over David.  Me too, girl. Over in storage, Jackson is hugging Nicole and telling her he loves her, which she’s buying because she’s so relieved to still be there; at least that’s what I hope! In the DR, he explains that he wants cover in case Bella wins HOH and targets anyone in his six.

Jackson’s also doing some damage control with Cliff, along with Holly.  Cliff asks who’s in the alliance, which Jackson and Holly deny even exists.  They say they’re solid with him, but Cliff DRs that he’s not buying it. Elsewhere, Bella’s lecturing her nine person alliance (and then DRs about breaking it up) while Jess listens on the other side.  Jack DRs that he’s OVER IT. He confronts Bella and walks out. Cliff and Nicole join Jessica and he says that if he wins HOH this little split will turn into a hell of a crack.

Time for HOH comp that it appears most of these people thought would involve endurance, but instead is a memory competition. Two people will be out every round no matter what, either by virtue of wrong answers or ringing in last. Random observation: the visual of Jack standing next to Tommy is comedy gold.

Nicole and Holly are out first, right after she DRs ad nauseum about wanting it so bad.

Kat and Bella are out in round two.

Jessica and Analyse are out in round three.

In round four, Sam and Michie are the slowest to reply and are out.

In round five, Tommy and Christie are the slowest and are out.

It’s down to Cliff and Jack. Cliff wins, and does the most awkward victory dance, which since he’s wearing a Texas A&M shirt, I can only assume is supposed to be like the one their former QB Johnny Manziel used to do. He explains that there’s “a new sheriff in town, Cliff Hogg. But if you prefer, you can just call me Boss.” Hard pass, there, Cliffy. He dances alone in storage with a polka music soundtrack, and that’s really best for everyone in the house.

Nick and Bella celebrate one of the six going up and home.  Nicole is good with Cliff, but he says he’ll keep a distance this week.  Jackson and Holly plot to make Cliff put up Nick and Bella. Jackson wants to be a pawn against Nick and Bella.  He wants to then win POV, pull himself off and use Christie’s diamond veto to change the nomination. There are a lot of variables in that plan, Jackson. Christie actually thinks his idea is so insane it might work. She leaves out the part where it might also fail spectacularly.

Cliff, Kat, Jess and Nicole gather in the HOH, ready to exploit the whole Nick and Bella vs the other six situation. Later, Jackson goes up to talk to Cliff about getting out Nick and Bella with no blood on his hands.  He says it’ll be perfect since it would appear to be revenge for his banishment (which seems like YEARS ago, at this point), the couples running the house, and the fact that he doesn’t trust Bella, after what happened with Nicole being nominated. The thing is, Cliff was already questioning Nick and Bella, so why make this more complicated? But Cliff plays along, so Jackson grabs Christie to tell Cliff about her diamond veto. 

In the DR, Cliff says he doesn’t trust Michie. He’s been all over the world, so Michie doesn’t intimidate him.  Christie starts by buttering him up and then tells him about diamond power, which he says will make him re-evaluate everything.  These young folks all think Cliff is an old doofus, but it’s turning out he might not be so clueless after all.

In a brief aside, we see footage of Jack and Jackson sharing a raw cucumber–which they eat like a raw carrot–that Jackson takes in the bathroom, of all places.  He does wash his hands after (which was probably not a given), but Jess observes this all with horror. I guess the editors don’t like these guys much either!

Cliff meets with Bella, who he’d aligned with, along with Nick, earlier in the game.  He tells her she can be devious, as long as it’s on his behalf. He sees a path to a bigger numbers advantage.  

Jack shows up to plead his case with this giant load of crap: “I love your journey, I love your story, I love everything about it.” It sounds like Jack has met with a few Hollywood agents in his time.  Sis, Holly and Tommy also suck up. For his part, Cliff tries to buddy up with Christie so she won’t use her power. He says they’ve all been way too comfortable and cocky so far.

In the end, Jack and Jackson are nominated.  Cliff explains that Jack is a beast and a threat in the game.  He says Michie’s nomination is revenge for his banishment. He says it’s purely logical, and he loves them both. Jackson says it’s exactly what he thought would happen, and it’s “no bueno”.  Jack says can’t wait to set the house on fire and watch it burn, and Cliff is now the main target. Oh, stuff it, Jack. You’re such a damn bully. EJ will see you with POV next time, and hopefully Christie won’t be dumb enough to use the diamond veto so early.


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