Previously on Big Brother: Holly won HOH, Jackson was a domineering DB, Nick and Sam scrambled a lot and Tommy and Christie got something dumb called BB Poison Ivy. Also, at least one of these people is exceedingly good at french braiding, because every female’s hair is done that way at some point in the hour.

Following the nominations, Nick and Sam are preparing to fight for their lives. Holly says they’re continuing the plan to get rid of their former UnDe9able allies, which seems like a weird strategy if you think about it, since there’s a whole bunch of other people they were never aligned with and who don’t seem to win much.  Why not pick those guys off first?

Nick and Sam talk veto strategy.  Nick wants to pick someone he can beat in the comp, while Sam hopes to select Cliff because he thinks he can beat Cliff, but just in case, he also knows Cliff sort of owes him for Sam taking him off the block earlier in the summer.  Fair enough. 

Nicole hopes to lay low this week, not get picked for anything or have any chance of being a re-nom.  Cliff kind of says the same thing. Kat talks with Holly about going up as a pawn if she has to nominate a replacement for anyone and she DRs about perhaps being a secret genius. EJ, I’d love your thoughts on this topic!

When the players are picked, Holly gets Tommy, Sam picks Cliff (loudly) with his HG’s choice chip and Nick gets Jess, which he claims to have manifested.  Sure, why not. Jack is selected to host the comp by Holly, who does so by saying his full name, which is also the title of this recap. And I’ll say this about Jack: He may be a racist, sexist, misogynistic jerk, but he has some hosting skills.  None of us objected to Chuck Woolery for all those years on Love, Connection and Scrabble because we didn’t find out he was a complete tool until he was much older; at least with Jack we are going in with our eyes wide open! All I’m saying is that we’ve suffered through so many of these houseguests hosting comps who have absolutely no speaking skills, so this is at least bearable.  Also, he gets a couple points for wearing a Little Bo Peep costume to go with the sheep herding theme of the comp.

This is a pretty simple game.  Each player must herd live sheep into a pen to match a target number displayed at the start of each round.  The sheep are wearing little jackets with numbers on them. Players go head to head; winners advance, losers are done.

In the first round, it’s Nick vs Jess and Nick wins pretty handily.  He’s obviously trying very hard, as this is for his BB life, and Jessica is probably better off hanging back anyway. In the battle of Holly vs Sam Holly wins, but not easily.  It’s interesting, considering this is a competition custom made for someone who grew up on a ranch and works as a safari guide! When it comes to Cliff vs Tommy, Cliff debates whether or not he even wants to win since he’d pretty much be forced to help Sam out, thereby ruffling feathers. Tommy calls the animals demon sheep, and I have to laugh since sheep’s eyes terrify me. (I first learned this at a petting zoo when my kids were little.  Their irises are rectangular and it is positively horrifying!) When Tommy wins the round, Cliff isn’t sad about being out.

In the next match up, Nick goes against Holly and beats her handily.  And then, Nick has to turn right around and go up against Tommy. Nick is much more motivated, even though  Tommy is motivated to help the team, which is adorable. I will say, though, that it doesn’t really seem fair that Nick had to go three rounds to Tommy’s two in order to win.  I feel like he’d have a real beef with the producers if he hadn’t won.

Reflecting on his loss, Sam is worried about his kids thinking he’s a failure, which I don’t know if that is sad or sweet.  I guess it’s a little of both, right? Christie thinks the silver lining is that maybe this is God’s way of saying Nick wants to work with them after all.  God’s over there saying, “Don’t bring me into this mess.”

As they talk who should be the replacement, Sis thinks Nicole is “sketchy”. Holly Mean Girl’s  “But will she, like, ever be in power?” She reminds her allies that Kat volunteered as a pawn, but she’s still mulling over Nicole.

It is here that the show opts to insert a couple of weird sidebars.  First Christie and Tommy get called into the DR to transform their “rash” into a layer of “calamine lotion”, aka pink spray paint.  This is so dumb. And since someone says that Christie and Tommy look like flamingos, this leads to Nicole telling us she is afraid of birds. She doesn’t understand their skinny legs, beaks, or talons, so she’s got a fear of flamingos. “No offense, flamingos.”  Wasn’t someone else on this show afraid of birds?  

Back to the master strategist Holly, who doesn’t want to take the shots at the big threats (i.e. Jack and Jackson) even though she knows they will have to be dealt with soon. Christie doesn’t see Nicole as a threat, and DRs that she’s not a big target.  Uh oh, she’s starting to panic again…pontificating that Jackson and Holly are building “an army” to break away from Six Shooters. She thinks Holly must have a deal with Sam. She’s not totally wrong. Sis wonders why Christie has so many conspiracy theories and goes to Jackson and Holly.  Jackson, charming as ever, says “Christie can go fuck herself if she thinks it’s not OK for Holly to weigh her options.” He further says that he’s not talking game with Holly, but “I’m there to keep her calm.” Because, as we all know, women often get the vapors and become hysterical when they have to make big, important decisions.  The presence of strong man, preferably one with a ridiculously square jaw, is crucial to their success. 

Jackson talks to Christie and Tommy about how offended he is, and Holly comes in, mad at him for doing exactly what she told him not to do, and he leaves. She’s pissed that she’s getting lumped in with Jackson, and that Sis is running her mouth and comparing them to Nick and Bella. After she squares things with the poison ivy twins, she goes back out to Jackson in the hammock, where he says “I’m not your dog. I have a mouth and mind of my own.” That’s lovely. Kat is there for all of this, by the way.

Time for the veto meeting.  Holly nominates Kat, who calls her a “conspiring bitch” just to artificially amp up the drama, and everyone is suitably shocked.  Sam’s goal is to make Kat spiral, but I don’t think that will happen this time, since she’s in on the plan.  It should be Sam who goes out, but it’ll be interesting to see if it’s with a bang or a whimper. EJ will be here to take you through it!

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