Previously on Big Brother: Nick won a Veto challenge that was either deliberately or mistakenly weighted against him. Kathryn volunteered herself as a replacement nominee. And then, an hour before airtime, things went crazy. We will hear a lot about that this episode, but we’ll see no more than a few seconds of it and hear very little specifics, which makes the actual episode more than a little frustrating.

Julie is wearing a dress made out of a discarded Spider-Man costume tonight.

She kicks it to the video package which does not include the last hour, but we’ll keep hearing about that great stuff throughout the live portions. It’s like if Hobbs & Shaw had been set one day earlier and both guys were running errands and then at the end the director popped up and said “Oh man, you guys, tomorrow things are going to get nuts for these guys! There’s a doomsday virus and dune buggies and Idris Elba has super powers and it would be awesome if we could show you that!”

After the Veto Ceremony, Kathryn feels really good about her position on the block. Sam acknowledges there’s not much he could use against her, but he’s not giving up. We see him talk to Sis who says she likes him and doesn’t want to vote against him. It seems like they’re kind of tight and I don’t think we’ve seen any evidence of that. It takes the two of them to come up with the aphorism “It’s not over until the cows come home”, which is not at all how it goes. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. You can continue doing something without any perceivable effect until the cows come home. I feel like they need to explain these things onscreen so the youth will know better.

Christie and Tommy complain about their fake poison ivy and apparently compete to see who has the most over-the-top Brooklyn accent. They might as well be wearing derby hats. The upshot is that their fake poison ivy is cured, so that fan favorite storyline comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Kathryn, who might actually be a secret genius and I know Myndi will make fun of me for that, goes to Holly to try to separate her from the Six Shooters. She knows Christie and Tommy are plotting to ditch the others, so Kathryn passes this along and Holly seems to take it at face value. Holly and Sis talk about how Christie makes them nervous and keeps cutting side deals. As if to prove their point, Christie and Cliff Hogg III talk about how they need to break up the couples. Then Holly talks to Michie about Christie and it’s probably because they’re in bed and he’s sleepy, but Michie allows her to have an opinion.

Now we get to see what Sam’s doing to keep himself in the game. He tells Jack and Michie that Christie was willing to vote against them when Cliff was HoH. Which she did tell him, but then she also negotiated Michie’s safety. Christie vacillates quickly and often, so there’s a lot to use against her even if she ultimately does what her alliance wants every single time. Michie takes this warning about Christie more seriously because it comes from a man. He reports this back like it’s news to Holly who already told him a variation on the same thing. They debate what that means for the vote. At this point, Holly is regretting putting up Kathryn. If you have more than one target, put up two targets rather than a pawn! That’s 101, Holly!

Next, Michie tells Jack about Christie and the story grows in the telling. I don’t like Christie, but despite some big talk, she’s never gone against their alliance in any material way. What we have here seems like it’s dividing the house in terms of maybe voting out Kat instead of Sam, but it’s secondary to going after Christie next week.

We’re back live. There is another allusion to how weird things got in the house without any explanation. Julie asks Cliff if he misses his wife. He confirms that he misses Sharon Hogg III. Nicole also misses her family. It feels like they didn’t know how to put together a full episode so they built this filler into the middle. There’s a clip of a dance number Tommy put together for the live feeds. The hamsters seem amused by this footage even thought it is of them.

It’s time for final statements. Kathryn mostly talks about her parents and gets choked up and it’s weirdly sweet. Sam screams. I like him mostly but I feel like he’s doing a bit so often. There are allusions to this mysterious hour, and then it’s time to vote.

So here’s the thing. Everybody votes to evict Sam. Which is what we expected. So all this chaos did nothing to effect the outcome that was assumed yesterday. And it seems weird that everybody is united to vote out Sam when half the house really took to his Christie talk. But both of them were talking about Christie, so this is all baffling. Anyway, Julie reveals the vote and Sam looks like he was expecting it.

ChenMoonvesterview time! Julie leads off by telling Sam that when she came into work this morning, Sam was a goner. Then six hours later, they had turned on Kathryn, and now it’s unanimous against Sam. So we had two flips in a day and we saw none of that and it got us to the result we expected yesterday. This is a baffling and frustrating hour of television. Julie assures us we’re going to see everything on Sunday. Sam says the Six Shooters can’t survive what just happened and he thinks Jack will go after Michie and man, that must have been some wild stuff. The goodbye videos are pleasant but the interesting one has Holly announcing a Final Two with Kathryn and suddenly that “Secret Genius” label is kind of working out. She’s survived getting dumped by somebody in the dominant alliance and hung in despite multiple stints on the block and having a sense of humor that the other Houseguests don’t get and find irritating. She’s going to win this thing.

America gets to vote for three people to take part in a special competition. First prize is a Cadillac ElDorado, second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is, you’re fired. Wait, no, that’s Glengarry Glen Ross. First prize is safety for the week, second is a punishment, third place puts you on the block as an additional nominee. Man, I hope somebody slips Kat the Glengarry leads.\

HoH competition! Starting this week, the evictees go to Jury, which is always fun. Because they grossly mismanaged their time this week, they don’t have time for the competition. It’s one of those where they have to memorize details of photoshopped pictures, this time in the guise of ads for various camps. They explain the competition and everybody goes to look at the ads and then the show’s over.

Myndi will have the results next time, and hopefully the Rosetta Stone that makes sense of this episode. The timeline in Season Two of Westworld made more sense! I might have done that joke already.

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2 Responses to Big Brother Season 21, Episode 17 – “It’s Not Over Until the Cows Come Home”

  1. Myndi Weinraub says:

    So, you want to know something super duper random? Before I read this recap, I watched an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, where Jerry Seinfeld spent time with his old pal, Mario Joyner. Apparently, their favorite movie is Glengarry Glenross, and they always quote it when they’re together, so it was a theme throughout the episode!

    • EJ says:

      Ha! I haven’t seen that one yet so it’s an unintentional Glengarry Week! Also, it’s the one thing I have in common with Jerry a Seinfeld.

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