Previously on Big Brother: They caught us up on the weird day where the vote flipped and then flipped back and the Six Shooters broke up. Jessica won HoH and put up Jack and Michie. And after Sam left, Myndi came up with the brilliant comparison of Sam’s vocal stylings and Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending. That would have been a lot of fun as a running joke but it’s too late now.

I’m still struggling to word a joke about Michie being on the block and also having a square or “block” head. I’m going to need to workshop this. Get me Vilanch!

Didn’t Jack have the weirdest set of reactions last time? A lot of jumping and flailing his arms while arguing. And if he goes home this week, won’t it be a delight that he was sent home by the one remaining POC in the house?

We pick up right after the nomination ceremony and it’s funny that Jessica has to keep explaining her nomination in the DR. She put up two dudes who win competitions but suck as people. You nominated people you don’t like. That’s the explanation.

Sis tells Jack she feels bad for Jackson and maybe we’re calling him that again? I can’t keep this straight. Whatshisname complains to Holly and she tells him to suck it up and win the Veto. Holly goes to Jessica to see how they can fix this and I continue to not understand why people do that. Talk to the people who vote! Jessica says Jack and Jackson are two different guys and she calls Jack a “condescending mansplainer” and that’s literally on Jackson’s business card. Don’t pick the thing that’s exactly the same about them! That’s like saying they’re two different guys because one of them has “Jack” in their name.

Jack tells Tommy, Christie, and Nick that he’s still going to win and he plans to win the power of veto and not use it. Christie uses the word “arrogancy”, which is going in the BB dictionary.

Later, Nick and the never-Six Shooters talk about the Veto and how she wants the nominations to stay the same. Nick is playing both sides, which has gotten his friend and girlfriend eliminated, so it’s not a great strategy. But maybe being on the bottom of two different alliances will somehow make him indispensable.

Time to pick players for the Veto Compeition! The danger is if a Jack or Jackson supporter wins and Christie uses her power to let them pick the replacement nominee. Jessica gets Houseguest’s Choice and picks Kathryn. Jack gets the same and picks Tommy. Jackson draws Nick. Why would you pick Tommy over Christie? I mean, one of them has actually won a competition. Still, it seems like we’re three and three in terms of people who would keep the nominations the same.

Later, Christie tells Jack how much she hates Jackson. Today, that is. I feel like that’ll change. She mentions using her power if Jack wins the Veto. I like that Jack isn’t super enthused about this because you can’t make plans with Christie. Michie (I can’t figure out what to call him!) thinks he’s only staying if he wins the Veto, but I don’t think he gets that people hate Jack more than they hate him.

Veto time! I was expecting OTEV – it’s maybe a little early for that, but that seems to come up on these big game-changing nominations. Instead, they have a space theme in the backyard. Kat reminds us that aliens exist and then they notice there’s a big gameboard on the floor that has a bunch of former houseguests as aliens. It’s one of those challenges where they catapult or otherwise launch projectiles onto the game board and the lowest score is eliminated every round. The fun twist here is they have to spin around on a mini Vomit Comet first. Oh, also you claim a prize when you’re eliminated, but then other people can switch. So it’s also the annual Yankee Swap competition. Man, they’re checking a lot of boxes. Are we sure ZingBot isn’t here?

Oh, even better, you have to launch the projectile while you’re spinning, though there are periods where it slows down. Kat is the first one out but also first in my heart. She gets the Veto, which she obviously won’t be keeping. She DRs that she hopes these bitches aren’t conspiring against her. That still makes me laugh.

Jack is out in the next round, which is a relief to everybody. He gets a trip to Hawaii, which he swaps for the Veto. After the second round, everybody’s getting kind of sick. Tommy is eliminated next, which pretty well seals Jack’s fate. Nick is kind of a wild card, though. Tommy gets an “Angry Alien”, which means an alien will follow him around for 24 hours. He trades it for the Veto. Michie scratches on the next round and gets “BB Explorer” for his troubles, which means he’s going to be “sent on missions” across the house, which he swaps for the Veto.

Just Jessica and Nick now. Nick hits a very high score but Jessica does even better and wins it. Nick gets $5,000 which he keeps. Good move. Jessica gets “Area 21” which means that she’s an alien doctor for 24 hours. Obviously, she trades it for the Veto. So either Jack or Michie is going home and they have punishments. And that means Christie’s power will expire unused this week. Man, those Whacktivity prizes didn’t quite pan out. They were a good idea, and I guess the existence of Christie’s affected strategy, so that’s pretty effective for a new twist.

Jessica talks to Kathryn and Christie about who they should get rid of and Christie lets it slip that Nick is voting against Michie. Kat is very upfront about wanting to get rid of Michie and Jessica is all “yeah, that tracks”. But Christie doesn’t understand why they’d want to get rid of Jack over Jackson, so Christie complains to Tommy and Nick about it. Nick is all, “Hey, maybe don’t talk about this until after the Veto”. Michie listens through the door because this season is a French farce. He reports back to Jess, Kate, and Nicole and now they’re turning on Nick and he’s a problem, but come on. Eyes on the prize here. Jessica is mad and I think she’s going to make a dumb choice. Come on, Jessica. Let’s stay focused.

Tommy is summoned to the DR, interrupting his gripping story about broccoli. He has to wear a rocket costume which looks very silly. Whenever the producers direct him, he has to go to every room in the house and announce how fast he’s traveling. If it’s the speed of light, he has big flashing lights on his arms. If it’s the speed of sound, he has an airhorn. And if it’s “the speed of smell”, then his suit pumps out a weird smell. I hope the billowing green clouds were added in post, or else all of these people are going to die. They do a variation on this every year and it still amuses me. Tommy gets increasingly apologetic as this goes on, which cracks me up.

Veto Ceremony! It’s interrupted by Tommy getting a call for the speed of smell. Once he’s done, we’re back to business. Jessica wins me back by not using the Veto. And that means tomorrow, Myndi gets to recap one of two toxic dudes getting their walking papers. We’re all looking forward to that!

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