Previously on Big Brother: Michie won HoH but wasn’t super happy about it because he wanted to win it next week instead. He nominated Christie and Jessica, the latter after he confided to her that she’s a “mental threat” and she went through the most hilarious series of reactions that began with a mental threat not realizing what he was saying and then saying of her competition performance “I suck ass”. That part was amazing, but there wasn’t much else to talk about. It put me on Team Nicole, so that’s something.

We jump back to the aftermath of the nominations. Considering that the two nominees had explicitly been told they were going on the block, their surprise seems a little much. Christie, Jessica, and Tommy all talk in the Bedroom of Sadness, and Jessica especially is taking this hard. She talks about feeling like she was picked last on the playground, and I, a cool guy and all around jock, can’t even imagine how that must feel.

Nicole talks to Holly and Michie about how they know each other but they don’t know each other and for just a second, it seems like this might get sexy. Holly talks about interviewing the other houseguests on the feeds so people can get to know more about them. Michie doesn’t want anybody to know him better and also she shouldn’t start this on a Friday night and there’s the old Michie that I didn’t miss at all. Holly says she’s condescending to her and there’s no place to get some space after they argue. He puts on headphones rather than talk and apparently that’s a go-to move for him and it’s wearing on Holly. She tells him how his attitude affects her and he says “If that’s how you feel, make a conscious effort to change it”. So like, make an attempt to not feel things. Cool advice, blockhead. After weeks of him seeming like a better guy, we’re right back to Michie Classic.

Time to pick players for the Veto! Michie draws Nicole, who is getting to play in her first Veto. Is that possible? Christie draws Tommy, and Jessica gets Houseguest’s Choice and picks Cliff Hogg III, who DRs that he wants to keep nominations the same.

The next morning, Michie carries around a watermelon and ignores Holly. Later, people speculate about what Nick’s life is like and Holly calls Michie out for not saying good morning and then they argue in front of everybody which is not something I would enjoy watching in person. I’d be in another room so fast. Holly goes to her room, and Christie heads in to check on her and they talk about how Michie is immature. Man, he’s 24. He’s got three years or so before he even has a chance at not being a complete turd.

This seems like a small fight but the close quarters and Michie’s attitude is turning it into a much bigger thing. Like, if you had this argument in the real world, you’d maybe take a couple days and blow off some steam and the first one to get drunk would call the other and you’d either work it out or not. But they’re stuck in this, and Michie is good at pretending nothing affects him (or maybe being honest about the fact that nothing affects him), but Holly is a person with a head-shaped head who feels things, so she’s getting the bad end of this.

That night, Michie pointedly walks past her several times without acknowledgment and she follows him up to the HoH room and asks to talk. She asks why he’s being mean to her and he says he isn’t, and I used to be confused about the definition of gaslighting, and now I finally get it. He says he does everything for her and she just keeps embarrassing him. And when she tries to talk, he tells her that she’s walking all over him and she needs to let him talk. Then he declares that they’re done. So he opens a bottle of wine to drink by himself and he won’t share with her because it was in his HoH basket. And when she cries she gets a “I’m sorry you’re upset”, which is such a dick move. Then he lectures her some more.

He says that she’s doing what all of his exes have done and wishes her well. Man, in the words of Raylan Givens: “You meet an asshole in the morning, you met an asshole. You meet assholes all day, you’re the asshole.” And then he shows her the door while she’s crying and he really seems like a cool guy who is not at all a misogynist. This is really heartbreaking and upsetting.

Veto Time! It’s the “hide things in the house and wreck the place” competition! Everybody hides their item, in this case, a life preserver, and everybody take turns going in and ripping things up to find it. Also, all the life preservers look the same so you don’t know who you’ve found until Holly opens it at the end. Last one to be found wins the Veto. Both Nicole and Michie hide theirs under stacks of logs, but Michie is trying to throw the comp so that doesn’t speak well of Nicole’s hiding place. Cliff hides his under a drawer, Jessica puts hers under the bed. Christie puts it under a rug. Tommy also hides his under a mattress. Nobody got really creative this time around.

Nicole is up first and she almost finds Tommy’s before time runs out. Michie finds Jessica’s almost immediately, and he even figures out it must be Jessica who hid it. For several rounds, nobody finds anything but they get into tearing apart furniture really quickly. Michie is just throwing things around for fun and accidentally finds Nicole’s.

Jessica actually leans on the pile of logs where Michie hid his and doesn’t find it. Christie lifts up the mattress where Tommy hid his and she doesn’t see it. Tommy finds Michie’s. So it’s just Tommy, Christie, and Cliff who could still win HoH. Jessica finds Christie’s life preserver. There’s a montage of people just wrecking the place. Michie finds the last one, but we don’t know which it is. The editing makes it look like Cliff’s, but we don’t know.

Time for the reveal! We all know who they belong to already, other than that last one. And yes, it was Cliff’s. And that means Tommy wins. Christie is very excited because of course Tommy will use it on her. I don’t know that Tommy is totally committed to that plan. Oh, and Tommy acts surprised at what a mess the house is, even though he’s been in and out of it this whole time. Tommy being so performative just wears on me.

Hey, more Holly and Michie. He asks if she’s doing better. He does not offer any consolation or emotion. She asks if he’s going to turn on her and it takes him way too long to answer. He says he has no choice but to work with her and he’s not sure if they’re just alliance members or if they have a relationship. But the way he talks about it makes it pretty clear that he’s done. Holly DRs that she wants to keep him in her life and man, it’s devastating. He DRs that he just wants to see her happy, but he will certainly not do anything that might make her happy. But if she just could be happy, he’d be into that.

Veto time! Tommy uses the Veto on Christie, so apparently I wasn’t reading the room. And so Michie puts up Cliff. And that was probably the best choice, especially since I’m now committed to a Holly / Nicole finale. They’ve earned it.

Myndi will bring you tomorrow’s Double Eviction action!

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