Previously on Big Brother, America’s Road Trip must have had budget cuts, because it was only to the back yard.  Christie ended up as a third nominee and cried some more, stunning everyone.

Jackson is excited to get Christie out on Tommy’s HOH, the ultimate in irony.  Kat and Christie cry separately. Jessica consoles Kat, Nick swears to Christie that she won’t go home this week.  Jackson comes in to hug Kat, which is alternately sweet and weird. He calls her Kitty Kat, which would have seemed flirty back in week one, but which now seems a bit sociopathic since he has another girlfriend and they’re all trapped in this house together. Jessica isn’t buying it and Kat says she isn’t either, but I’m not entirely sure that’s true. Cliff comes in and tells her “I hurt when you hurt”, and that’s a total dad move if ever there was one.  He says they control own fate.

Jessica also consoles Christie, who basically seems like a mess.  This house is brutal, man. sad piano plays on the soundtrack as Jess says she is “distraught” because she loves Christie but has never been aligned with her, so it’d be hard to rationalize keeping her.

Next up is a montage of Nick and Tommy cuddling. They both think the other is handsome, but it’s totally platonic.  Basically, this is an ad for everyone being OK with being their authentic selves. Mike Pence would not like this segment AT ALL, but I highly doubt he’s watching.  Mother would not approve. We also learn that Tommy’s BB Explorer mission is finally over and a grateful nation rejoices.

For the POV picks this week, Tommy selects two chips of nominees who then get to choose the other two players ala Houseguest’s Choice. Christie picks Nick. Cliff picks Jackson.  Kat doesn’t get to pick anybody. Later, Cliff gives himself a pep talk and then dances TO NO MUSIC. Like I said, this house is brutal, man.

Jackson and Sis talk.  She is in favor of getting the remainder of the six back together, but Jackson knows that Christie would put him and Holly up if she wins.  Jackson wants to win veto and vote Christie out. He DRs that he would rather play in traffic than work with Christie.

Time for the POV!  It’s OTEV, who this year is a paranoid pigeon who periodically demands that warm pigeon poop is sprayed from above on all the contestants.  Kat wants to win to prove everyone wrong, of course. Her plan is to stockpile the answers all in one spot. Christie DRs “Universe, if you are listening, enter me…” and I blacked out for a sec. She’s all about manifesting things.

Round One. Tommy is back first, while Cliff had to go back down into the muck because he came back with the wrong answer. Jackson couldn’t find the right answer until after Cliff had gone back up the hill, so Jackson is out.

Round Two. Kat didn’t save this answer in her stockpile, so she’s scrambling. She and Cliff fight for the same rope.  She wins that battle and immediately starts crying. He tells her it’s better that she keeps going. He tells her to pull herself together, that he couldn’t have continued because of his bad leg. Jess and Nicole are crying and hugging.  It’s like a war movie where Cliff tells Kat she can leave him behind in the jungle to die. Except it’s the concrete jungle, because, ya know, pigeons.

Round Three. Kat does have this one in her stockpile, so she’s back first.  Nick is second. It’s down to Tommy and Christie. Tommy beats her, but it’s a not a photo finish.  She’s out.

Round Four. Nick is fast with the answer, while Kat and Tommy scramble, but Tommy is faster. 

Round Five. The answer here is an HOH comp that Nick won, but Tommy finds the answer first, and everyone immediately knows that Christie is coming down. Tommy wins the veto and of course uses it to take Christie off the block. Nobody else is put up because the arbitrary rules of America’s Field Trip allow for no replacement.

Cliff says he’ll campaign against Kat if he has to.  Nicole says she is losing a friend either way, and it sucks.  Jess says she does not do well with decisions like this. EJ will be here tomorrow with the next big eviction and hopefully a new HOH, too.  Are we getting closer to a double eviction yet???

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