Previously on Big Brother, Nicole was the swing vote and had to decide to vote out Kat with the majority to keep a big ol’ target off her back.  Now, it’s time for that fun annual HOH comp where everyone does a shuttle run across the yard on a lard-slicked slip & slide to fill up a bucket with liquid in order to win HOH.  If you read that sentence a couple times through, it tells you everything you need to know about why we are where we are as a country in 2019.

While everyone’s doing that, we get an extended flashback to Jess confronting Sis. Jess stirs the pot about Sis flirting with Jackson and how Holly has noticed. Sis is busted telling Christie all this by Holly who barges in and asks them if she looks like Willie Nelson, which is a decidedly odd question.  Jess comes in and says the guys are nosy as Nick and Jackson listen at the door.

Christie lies (on her sister’s life, no less) that there was no “new six” to Jess about getting Jackson and Holly out.  Jackson overhears and goes to tell Holly, who goes to talk to Sis and Christie alone. She proceeds to throw Jess under bus, saying she just blew her game up by starting all of this.

Sidenote: Nick’s DRs are soooo deadpan.  He has no expression and his tone is so flat, especially when he’s reading the pre-written stuff they give these folks.  I just wanted to make sure I got that in this time, since it’s bothered me all summer.  Now that Shouty Sam is gone, I have the time and space to acknowledge it.

Back in the HOH comp, we get one of those classic slip and fall montage, complete with wacky sound effects. Jackson gets annoyed by his suspenders (I forgot to mention that everyone is dressed in lederhosen because this comp is Oktoberfest-themed) and takes his pants off since they are attached.  Cliff overshares that he’s not wearing any underwear but he’ll take his pants off if need be. Thankfully, this never comes to pass.

As it becomes clearer that Jackson is running away with this comp, Christie says that he mentioned winning this particular comp weeks ago, so she says “Sounds like a manifestation if you ask me!”  When he wins, he says his initial instinct is getting Christie out and he will just put her up with Sis or, ya know, anyone else.

Cliff Hogg tells us in the third person that he is worried abut his position in the game since he just made a deal against Jackson, which he feels compelled to share with the new HOH.  

Christie and Sis say Jackson would be stupid to put them up, but I don’t know that he would.  Tommy joins them and then DRs that this one is on the girls. He’s been good with Jackson and Holly, so he’s gonna sit this one out. Good idea, Tom.

Apparently, Jackson is fond of using a lot of folksy idioms, which Holly has taken to calling “Jacksonalogies”.  Truth is, these are really phrases that millions of other people have used that he’s repeating over and over. Holly’s been out on the wine safari trail a little too long.

In other news, Sis doesn’t seem understand the concept of days getting shorter after the summer solstice and thinks less daylight means actual days will be less than 24 hours going forward.  Wow. Let that sink in.  

Jackson says he is willing to make a big move and eliminate Christie in order to get Tommy to work with him. He realizes he can’t go through the rest of the game with just Holly and hope to win.

Christie attempts to do damage control with Jackson.  He’s not buying anything she’s selling but handles her quite well, so she has no idea.  I have to say, even though he’s still a chauvinistic little 20 something, I’m somewhat impressed with how Jackson has been playing the last couple of weeks.

At another point, while a large group is chatting out in the yard, Christie starts talking about how close she and Tommy live off the Garden State Pkwy.  Tommy DRs how annoyed he is with her for nearly blowing their cover and you can already see him counting down to her leaving the game.

Sis tries to sweet talk Jackson but forgets her bullet points because she is truly a ditz.  She sells out Nick as putting together the deal to keep Cliff for a chance at safety. That’s followed by a montage of Sis having to make various styles of eggs (sunnyside up, Benedict, Florentine, which nobody seems to know involve spinach) while in her chicken costume. She has to pretend to lay eggs and make eggs while “speaking chicken”. Sis is worried that “Eggplant” might come up, and I’m not confident that she’s joking. She whines that it’s beyond tiring and she’s crying because she’s exhausted. 

Jackson and Nick talk, and Nick says “I don’t really got much to say” and uses his therapy skills to let Jackson keep right on talking.  He DRs that Nick is moving up on his list. Jackson and Holly decide Nick will be good with “mental comps”. Oh, you mean remembering stuff?  Not like it’s astrophysics, but yeah, I don’t see Sis, for example, doing all that well.

Nominations. Jackson puts up Christie and Sis, and just says they are two threats to him winning, bottom line.  He DRs that Christie is his white whale. Sis feels blindsided. Christie thinks it’s very personal. Tommy says he may have to ditch Christie because it would show his cards if he opted to keep her.  EJ will be here to see how the POV plays out and then we will forge ahead with another elimination on Thursday!


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