Welcome to eviction night! Julie tries to psych us out with wondering what the universe is going to do with the eviction.  Read on to find out if this is yet another fake out, or if things really did get flipped on their ear this week!

Christie wants to convince the house to keep her in order to fight back against Nick, who she says concocted the plan to get out Jackson and is now skating by. She wants to make Nick public enemy #1, even if she is doing it on her way out the door. She tries to convince Jackson to aim for Nick, saying that she sees him skating to the end in the shadows.  Jackson DRs that’s he’s all for it because it keeps the target off of him if Nick’s game is blown up on Thursday. Christie talks to Jess, Nicole and Tommy about this plan while Nick listens from behind the door. He goes to Jackson and tells him what he overheard. Jackson just keeps eating his snacks and encouraging them to go at it.

Jackson talks to Cliff, who is snuggling with a stuffed owl for some reason. Wonders about how the campaigning will go.  We get that answer quickly enough, as Christie pulls off a big dramatic performance on Taco Tuesday, which I assume will now pass Dan’s Funeral in Big Brother lore if Christie stays and Nick ends up going next. 

Christie starts out by telling Nick he’s being dramatic! Well, that’s certainly the pot calling the kettle black! Jackson is literally sipping tea as he watches it all go down, which is classic. 

Christie tells Nick that everyone thinks they’re safe with you, and he must have some big plan. She says he’s throwing every HOH, which makes Nick lose his damn mind. She says she is a big target and Nick is hers next week and that’s why she should stay.

After Taco Tuesday, Holly and Jackson debrief in the HOH room.  Holly thinks Nick has Tommy, Sis and Nicole on his side. She thinks Sis knows she’s sitting pretty and will float to the end if she stays.  Christie, on the other hand, will be desperate for people to play with and wouldn’t come after us. She concludes that maybe they should work with her to get rid of Nick who Holly thinks is a bigger threat. Jackson doesn’t agree, not really, but he’s kind of screwed because he doesn’t have an actual vote at this point.

Speaking of which, it’s time.  Sis says she has stayed true to who she is in the game, and tells people to vote for who will help their own game.

Christie says she’s adores everyone of them and that Sis is her BFF in the game.  She says that all she has is her word. She says she wants to keep her deals, win comps, and promises truth and authenticity.  She asks them to vote to keep her.

And when the votes are cast, only Nick votes for Christie to leave, but the show builds a bit of suspense with the voting order.  When the results are announced, no one looks super surprised, so word must have gotten around. Sis leaves without a lot of fan fare, as is her want.  

Chenmoonvesterview.  Julie asks Sis what happened?  Duh, Julie…Taco Tuesday happened! But sis just says that the group figured they had bigger targets than her to leave in the game.  And it turns out that Holly was right, as she doesn’t hesitate when answering that she definitely would have protected Nick going forward, though she does love Christie. Julie asks if she feels betrayed by anyone.  She says she feels betrayed by Jackson because she felt blindsided by the nomination. She says things changed after the blowup and that she’s just really confused abut everything. Yes, that’s very apparent. She is, however, very excited about the extended aftershow interview and being reunited with Jack in the jury house. 

So, this week will be a little different…it’s Prank week! It begins with the HOH.  All of Wednesday night, the houseguests were kept awake with audio recordings of birdcalls that they were told to study for the HOH, or at least that’s why they assumed. Julie breaks it to them that it was all for nothing.  It turns out the HOH comp is a skill game…kinda. Basically, it involves rolling a ball down a long plank that narrows as it goes, allowing the ball to drop into a numbered slot. 

Julie informs them that the HOH will be pranked and their “duties will be affected” but they’ll be safe.  She doesn’t elaborate right away. She also explains that the Highest score is the winner, and the two lowest scores get a “prank week” punishment. This punishment will be given to Jess, Nicole and Cliff, two of whom tied on their scores.

Holly goes first and gets a 50 (the highest score possible) and no one else comes close.  There are hugs all around.

At the hour’s end, we learn that the prank week will give another HG half of Holly’s power by secretly controlling a nomination and making the replacement nomination if their nominee comes down. So, this week might end up being a bit of a hot mess, which could be fun.  Right?


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