Previously on Big Brother, Christie had the audacity to be shocked that Holly and Jackson would want to use her as a pawn right away, and Nick was named America’s Prankster. Christie is pretty sure she will survive again and Holly and Jackson are just excited that Christie is nominated without them putting her there.  Holly hopes Nick goes, and Jackson is seemingly OK with either of them, but will do what Holly wishes.

Tommy meets with them and says he feels like he has to win the POV to keep himself safe.  Christie and Nick talk about sitting next to each other and he’s very magnanimous to her face, but not in the DR.  Christie DRs that she “reads energy” and she says she doesn’t believe anything Nick’s saying and she knows he’s the prankster.  

Now for a fun pie montage. When Cliff, Nicole and Jess are told to pie everyone in this face while Nick is in the DR.  He thinks if he hides out there for a while, he’ll be exempt, but this is not the case as everyone sneaks in, opens the door and nails him, right in the kisser. Nicole feels like this pie punishment has been a great way to get back at people for annoying her.  Everyone seems to enjoy themselves, actually, which once again proves what happens when people are starved for any outside stimuli.

When it comes time to pick Veto players, there’s some kind of slime in the chip box. Holly gets HG Choice and naturally picks Jackson. Nick gets Cliff, who is happy to have a change to keep himself safe. Christie gets Jess even though she wants Tommy.  Have you guys noticed that Nicole has NEVER played a veto?

Up in the HOH, Christie calls Nick a swindler, which she says in a way that sounds very mean.  I think it’s the heaviness of the Jersey accent. Holly tells Jackson that this doesn’t count as her pawn nomination and Holly says it’s not the worst thing if she goes home.

Zingbot shows up while everyone is chilling in the living room.  They all freak out, much like EJ is no doubt doing at home. And, here are the much awaited zings:

He starts off by saying that this is “the biggest group of fucking losers I’ve ever seen!” Not super creative, but blunt and to the point!

Tommy: Zingbot tells him that his favorite musical must be “Little Shop of Attention Whores”

Nicole: You say you’re afraid of birds, but “you’ve been living with an old buzzard all year long…Holly!” (Jackson DRs that he likes cougars.  Jackson, honey, 31 is not cougar territory.) Christie: “You got loud on Taco Tuesday. I don’t mean with your yelling, but with your chewing!” Tommy says she got off easy, what with the mood swings, psychic powers, tears, manifestations, paranoia, etc.

Nick: Zingbot brought Nick a gift wrapped bowl to cut his hair. Ha?

Nicole (again!): It must be hard being in here; no friends, no boyfriend, no contact with outside world…oh wait, you must feel right at home! Harsh!

Then Zingbot calls out the houseguest who is very voluptuous and busty…”pleased to meet you, Cliff!” 

He tells Jessica that fans are planning a convention in her honor and calling it “Snoozefest”. Burn!

And finally, Zingbot goes over to Jackson and asks “What should I call you? Jackson, Michie or pompous douchebag?

We learn that Zingbot had to resign his presidency due to scandals and fake news but then a “secret service guy” shows up and arrests him for obstruction of justice among other things and our favorite insult comic robot ends up in the Zing-atentiary.

The POV comp involves hoisting balls up a big wall by using pulleys to knock out all the “cameras” in the jail so Zingbot can escape.  There are pitfalls (called “Zingtonium”) along the way. Things get harder as you go because every camera you knock out creates a new hole for the ball to fall into. Christie and Cliff keep falling in the holes and Holly and Jess are going so slow that Nick or Jackson will easily win. Jackson employs the smartest strategy by starting at the top and working his way down the wall.  Jackson pulls it out. The secret service guy is back and calling President “Ohaha” to say that Zingbot has escaped and does his best job at overacting for the home audience, as even the HGs don’t stick around for this junk.

Post competition, Nick tells Jackson the best way to show loyalty is when no one is looking.  Jackson realizes Nick is the prankster and Nick confirms it. He explains that he wanted to let him know that he had his back when he didn’t even realize it.  Nick says Christie hasn’t. Jackson tells Holly the news, but promises he won’t take him down with the POV. Christie is assured she’s safe. 

Nick tells Tommy he’s the Prankster. He says he needs Tommy, Cliff and Nicole’s votes. Tommy says he’s here for Nick, but can that really be the case?

Because this bit can never get old, Jackson gets three pies to the face at the Veto meeting, during which he does not use the veto.  Holly seems confident. Tommy is worried either way. This next eviction could be interesting…please, show!

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