Previously on Big Brother: ZingBot returned and the world was good again for a few short minutes. Michie won the Veto and didn’t use it, which left Christie and Nick on the block. You’re caught up! Oh, there was some America’s Prankster stuff, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.

The announcer reminds us that Nick is a therapist, and, man, I hope his patients don’t see this season.

Julie reminds us that Christie and Tommy have known one another for “years”. But, like, didn’t she date “somebody in his family”. Even without more details than that, that’s not exactly a close relationship. I don’t really know who my family dates. I’ve met my brother’s wife probably less than a dozen times in however long they’ve been married.

We go to the tape and head back to the aftermath of the Veto meeting. Holly DRs that she really wants Nick out because he’s going to come after her. Nick DRs that he wants Christie out. Nicole agrees. Let’s see if she votes in her own interest for a change. Christie and Tommy talk about who loves who more and it feels very rote – Tommy’s been pretty openly not on her team but he thinks Nick is leaving so he’s got to hang on to that life preserver. Jessica wants Christie to stay so she can be a third in any existing couple. I think she should reconsider that phrasing unless she’s really taking the game in a new direction.

Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff Hogg III are all ordered to surprise somebody with a pie to the face. Nicole makes it her mission to get Michie. He hides behind a door in the HoH bedroom and manages to get her with her own pie. Then they’re stalking one another with pies and she misses and he connects. I’m really enjoying this segment! Finally, Nicole manages to pop out from behind a corner and pie him. She declares herself the winner of Pie War and does a dance in the DR. You know what? She’s been kind of a non-factor in the game, but Nicole is a likeable dork and when she gets on camera to do things, I almost always enjoy it.

Nick and Tommy talk about how Nick can stay and Tommy seems to want to help, but not in a way that would involve voting to keep him. Which is literally the one thing that will definitely save Nick, but Tommy won’t even consider it. Nick goes to complain to Nicole and Nicole says she thinks something is going on. She DRs about Tommy’s weird attachment to Christie and says this isn’t just an alliance.

Nicole checks in on Holly, who’s eating Krave cereal. Justin and Dan on The Empty Bowl podcast talk a lot about how Krave is a divisive cereal so I was surprised to see it here, especially with the logo out in the open. I think there’s some sponsorship going on…. Now, Nicole is up there to test the waters for keeping Nick, and we point this out all the time, but pressing the one person who doesn’t vote on this is a weird move. She shares her concerns about Christie and Tommy. This doesn’t seem to accomplish much.

At night, a scary clown appears in the window. Jessica and Nicole seem the most actually frightened as they continue to pop up in windows and mirrors. Well, Tommy makes a big deal about it but he’s very performative in his reactions. I don’t trust him on this one. Also, “scared of clowns” is such a played out bit of comedy, though with IT and the Joker in the zeitgeist, this is maybe a little more current and a little less bad Nineties standup. At one point, a clown whispers Nicole’s name and everybody hides so she can be extra scared. And then when she’s in the kitchen, they project a bird onto the table and that just about breaks her. Then the lights go out and everybody makes fun of Nicole. I hope she beats you all.

Nick goes to Michie and Holly to offer to work for them. Not “with”. He makes the distinction that they don’t owe him anything for ongoing loyalty if they keep him. Nick promises to vote to keep them no matter who they’d be up against. It seems like that’s a good deal, especially since Christie turns on people so quickly and thoroughly that she’s not a great prospect for the closing weeks.

Time to check in on the Jury House. Jack has the place to himself and he’s actually kind of funny when he plays volleyball and Marco Polo all alone. Then Kathryn shows up “for the conspiring bitches meeting”. Ha! I’ve missed you so much, Kat! She shows Jack the video and this stuff already feels like it was a year ago. Cut to a week later when those two are hanging out and Sis shows up. She hugs Kat before Jack, and I think we all would. They catch up on things Sis explains how Christie saved herself and Jack talks about how Cliff is playing an incredible game and I think people are confusing his Forrest Gump luck with strategy.

Julie brings us back live for the vote. Christie’s speech begins with “Over the last five years….” and I’m going to check out for this whole thing. Nick tells people struggling with mental health issues to get help and then shouts out Sam and Isabella. Remember them?

Time to vote! Michie votes to evict Nick, and that pretty much seals the deal instantly. And this is another one of those things where everybody is afraid to vote against the majority because everybody, including Nicole, votes to evict Nick. Julie breaks the news to Nick and he’s pleasant to everybody as he leaves.

ChenMoonvesterview. Julie compliments his post-Zing hair. Nick isn’t surprised by how it shook out, but as of last week, he believed he had three votes – Cliff and Tommy previously promised to protect him. Then he talks about how nice Michie is and I really would like to hear a female houseguest’s opinion because the way he pushes women around is my main issue with him but he seems to have reined it in recently. I can’t crack the mystery that is Michie. He’s not willing to admit that confronting Christie backfired, when it clearly did. I’m not sure how I feel like them saving the bulk of the interview for the aftershow, but we live in a multi-platform society now.

HoH competition! It’s an endurance competition, and specifically the one where they’re all holding onto the same surface which will tilt and move until only one person is left. This one is haunted house themed. And that all means we’re not getting results tonight, so Myndi will bring you the results next time. We’re in the home stretch, folks!

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