Previously on Big Brother, Jackson demonstrated some straight up emotional gaslighting that had me very scared for Holly’s self esteem and mental health.  Girl, you can do so much better than this blockhead. But right now, it’s our favorite night of the season…Double Eviction Night!

Jackson DRs that  his goal is to get Jess out because that would leave just duos and he thinks he and Holly have good relationships with the other two duos and hopes they’ll take shots at each other with Jess gone.  He figures he and Holly can sit on the sidelines and watch.

Meanwhile, Christie talks to Cliff about Jackson feeling like he’s good with everyone.  Cliff agrees, but then DRs that he has to tell Jackson and Holly because he needs their votes while he’s on the block.  Holly says she’s not going home 5th or 6th behind Christie Murphy! Yeah!  

Back in the present, Julie breaks the news to the houseguests that there’s no Jury Battle Back and this is a double eviction. Hooting and hollering ensues.

After a break, Jessica makes her plea.  Cliff shouts out his beloved Sharon, recalls banishment with Jessica and just genuinely sounds like a good dude, saying he loves them all.  Jessica goes unanimously, which everyone seemed to know from the jump. I Can’t say she made any compelling arguments to stay. She never really seemed to playing the game very hard, even after she had a big HOH and POV week, and when it came down to these couples, she was obviously the odd woman out.

Chenmoonvesterview.  Julie asks if it was mistake targeting her tonight? She says she thinks she’ll see Jackson next because everyone’s gunning for him. Well, this might be one more example of how Jessica was out of the loop.

HOH Competition. Everyone has to put together giant puzzle pieces to make a “hockey rink”.  Once done, they have to shoot their puck into the goal and the end of the “rink” to become HOH. Nicole leads right away, and gets her puzzle together first.  Tommy is next to complete the puzzle, but Nicole wins on her second shot on goal. Jackson smartly scoops her up in a hug first, so no one else can get to her.  Once inside, Cliff goes in to talk with Nicole first and they clearly decide to put up Tommy and Christie. When she goes in to talk to Nicole, Christie is trying not to be pissed that she’s going up for the umpteenth time. When we resume, Jackson and Holly are talking to her and it seems nothing has changed. 

Nicole says her nominations are “from the gut”, and her gut tells her to put up Christie and Tommy over the misogynist and his emotionally beaten down girlfriend.

The POV comp is next, and it’s that  “What the Bleep?” comp where you have to guess if what Julie tells you the missing word or phrase is correct. There will be seven rounds of true or false.

For the first three rounds, everyone is right on all questions. In round four, Tommy and Michie fall behind.  In round five, Cliff, Christie and Nicole pull further ahead. In round six, Cliff and Christie keep their lead, while Holly, Tommy and Michie are technically out of it. In round seven, Cliff wins by getting all the answers right, meaning it’ll come down to Christie and Tommy.  You guys, I’m so glad we’re not going to spend an entire week watching the two of them stuck on the block next to each other. Can you even imagine????

Cliff already made it clear he’s not taking them off as we headed to commercial, and when the POV meeting occurs, he says he’ll honor Nicole’s selections.  Tommy and Christie don’t even get to make a pitch.

When it’s time to evict, Jackson is drinking a big mug of either Coke or coffee while Christie tearfully speaks just after Tommy’s pretty standard plea to stay. Jackson is jubilant about evicting Christie.  Holly follows suit as does Cliff. Christie hugs everyone on the way out the door. 

Chenmoonvesterview. Julie asks Christie if she’s surprised to be out.  She says Jackson’s going to win. She tells Julie that they should have sent Tommy home, since he was winning stuff for her, she wasn’t doing it herself.  Julie asks if her relationship with Tommy helped or hurt her? She says she was an emotional trainwreck and he was a piece of home who talked her off the ledge many times.  She also says that perhaps their friendship gave off a “too close” energy. Julie asks “why did the universe evict you?” She says it was her time and that maybe her being gone will help Tommy get further.

I guess we’ll find out if that’s true on Sunday!  EJ will be here with the scoop!

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