Previously on Big Brother, Nicole had a very good day and Tommy’s was mixed at best.  Jackson backslid into massive tool territory after weeks of being mildly tolerable. Post Nominations, Cliff feels relatively safe as the pawn, knowing Tommy needs to win the Veto in order to have any shot at staying.  Tommy is clearly lonely, and is talking to himself in an otherwise empty bedroom. He gives himself a little pep talk. Later he talks with Holly and they discuss how happy they are that Christie is gone. 

Holly says she might be a sociopath just as Jackson comes in. Tommy is biting his tongue, clearly. Jackson starts trashing her as well and it pushes Tommy to confess that they knew each other before the game, even explaining that she dated “Someone in his family” (we’ve learned it was his aunt, who is also obviously much older than Christie) for severn years.  Holly apologizes for trashing Christie. Jackson is just like “Oh, Tommy, You went 81 Days…” Jackson DRs that everything makes sense now as to why they were so close and stuck together. He basically gives props to Tommy for keeping it under wraps. But, on the flipside, he DRs that Tommy simply HAS to go now, because his vote from Christie is assured.  

Right before the POV comp, we get a montage of Cliff’s self pep talk, wherein he tells himself that “losing is not an option”, that he should “demand respect”, that “there is no second place”, and what I think is my favorite: “You destroy, you conquer, you win.” Easy there, killer.

It’s the now classic BB Comics competition, which EJ would definitely appreciate more than I do. There are some really, really subtle differences this year, and I can imagine these being that much more difficult when you know you’re being timed.  Jackson is very methodical, doing four at a time. Tommy opts to just go slowly on the zip line to study all the covers. Holly is doing the top row and then the bottom row in terms of determining order before going back to figure out the correct details.  She is really struggling. My sattelite cut out on Cliff’s and Nicole’s round, but it’s not like I missed a ton of information. In the end, the times were all over the place, but one person truly kicked butt…Nicole won handily:

Nicole 10:58

Tommy 14:21

Jax 15:59

Cliff 26:32

Holly 38:22

She’s clearly on a journey of self discovery in this game.  Cliff DRs about how she’s been underestimated. Jackson says everything should go according to plan for the Final 4. Nicole tells Cliff she’s taking him off the block, and Holly will have to go up since she’s never been on the block.  Jackson is stressing that Nicole and Cliff may want to backdoor Holly. He talks with Holly about how it would be strategically smart to split them up and take Tommy to F3. Jackson is very matter of fact about it, not so much that they would but that they COULD. He DRs that he trusts them.

Later, Nicole tells Jackson, with Cliff present, that she’s going to use the veto and make him put up Holly.  The two of them reassure Jackson that nothing fishy is going on. Nicole DRs that she can’t pass up the possibility of breaking up the showmance.  Jackson DRs that Cliff and Nicole are good people.  

Nicole tells Tommy what her plan is up in the HOH bathroom and Jackson walks in the room, immediately making him suspicious that something is going on.  She leaves and goes down to talk to Cliff about keeping Tommy over Holly. She points out that only one of them can get to F3 with Jackson and Holly, but with Tommy, they both can. Cliff is worried about competing against Tommy, but I’d say he’s less competitive than either Tommy or Holly anyway.

At the veto meeting, Nicole uses the POV and Jackson must nominate Holly.  In the DR, she starts crying, saying she can see herself in the F2. Holly DRs that she’s a little scared of being voted out.  Cliff says it’s a $500,000 decision. He may be right, but he increases his chances of even getting to the finale by getting rid of either Jackson or Holly now.  EJ will be here tonight to see what happens! 

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