Previously, some crazy stuff went down right before the live show, but the editors wanted more time to craft it into something that will make Jackson look as creepy as possible (I personally don’t think it would take much) and give Tommy a chance to do a second take on his dramatic monologues.  It’s clearly a whole thing.

Nicole and Cliff talk with Tommy about Jackson saying they were working together to take out Cliff and take Nicole to the end because she can’t win. Exasperated, Nicole calls a house meeting, essentially to watch them fight and see who’s telling the truth.

Jackson starts firing right away, saying Tommy and Christie were playing both sides.  Jackson says Tommy told him that he’d throw HOH to Nicole so the two of them could vote out cliff. Tommy says that’s a lie.  Jackson DRs his goal is to cloud Cliff & Nicole’s judgement. He says Tommy will run the jury and ticks off names and reasons.  He says he and Tommy would rather work together than against each other, but Tommy got caught playing both sides.  

Tommy says Jackson keeps re-stating the plan over because he made it up.  Basically, Jackson sounds like a conservative pundit on a CNN panel right now.  Tommy gets irate, calling Holly out for the fact that she knows he’s making this up and is allowing it to happen.   He’s crying and Holly is upset but mute. She DRs that Cliff and Nicole should have stuck to their word, and none of this would be happening.  I feel like Holly is a battered wife at this point. Jackson keeps yelling at Tommy and being all righteously indignant at Tommy for supposedly doing what he’s doing in spades. It’s really gross and uncomfortable to watch.

Nicole and Cliff meet alone and she says she sees through Jackson.  She DRs that Tommy is telling the truth. Cliff says it would be easier to believe Jackson.  Nicole says “Just own it”, which is what Jackson keeps saying, was a Bret-ism from last year, and the editors helpfully insert a flashback to remind us that people like Brett and Rockstar (blech) existed once.  She says that is what Brett said when he wanted to get people to believe a lie. Cliff DRs that he doesn’t want to keep Tommy because it would mean no F2 for him. Hey Cliffie? I don’t think you had a better than average shot at F2 anyway, but that might just be me.  

Jackson and Cliff talk separately; Jackson DRs that they should “keep their word”, which is crap because all bets are off at this point.  Jackson says he wants to be with two people who had the odds stacked against them, which he then DRs is BS. You guys, Jackson could probably be a serial killer.  He’s scaring me.

We learn that 90 minutes before the eviction, Cliff and Nicole broke the news to Holly and Jackson that they’re keeping Tom.  Both are incredulous, asking how that changed in three days? Ummm…three days in this house is like a year. Pay attention.

They explain that it’s better than taking third place to a showmance.  Jackson says they’ve been “loyal to y’all to a fault”, which he’s immediately going to turn on before he sends them to jury, so…

Cliff DRs that he is nudging Nicole toward keeping Holly.  Holly comes in on the edge of tears to beg. Cliff asks if she’d throw HOH.  Jackson keeps saying Holly has never wavered.Ugh, I hate how he insists on speaking for her.  He’d probably order her dinner at a restaurant, too. Without asking her what she wanted.  

Cliff asks Jackson to swear that he wants to go to F3 with them.  He tells Nicole that people “like Michie” keep their words and if he doesn’t, Cliff says he’ll pay the price.  They go to Holly and ask her to throw HOH and POV. Nicole is not happy about any this. Cliff thinks they’re better off with the duo than Tommy. Cliff DRs that he feels like he’s betraying Nicole.  She DRs that she trusts Cliff and she’s going with his gut. Well, despite its considerable size, I’d say his gut is dead wrong.  If he’s fighting this hard to keep her in to get her to F4, why would he not keep her to F3 and F2? Does Cliff really think Jackson is such a bro that he’d take him all the way?  Ugh, Sharon, come get your man. He’s a doofus.  

In the nom chairs, it looks like Tommy is going to be executed, which he was.  I know EJ doesn’t miss him, and I’ll admit he made some boneheaded moves down the stretch, but I’d still take him over either of the other two males left here.  Anyway, Tommy backflipped out of the house, and into jury.

Now to the HOH Comp you probably forgot was even part of this hour.  Cliff falls first because he is no match for this stuff physically. Holly says she could stay up there forever.  Nicole says she would get why she won’t honor the deal, because of course she immediately regrets getting rid of Tommy.  Jackson keeps telling her to fall and she finally does, then DRs that she’s pissed. So Nicole wins, but it’s totally anticlimactic.  She’s still crying though, because it’s guaranteed F3. Holly is furious…at Cliff and Nicole. But not at Jackson? Wow.  

Cliff tries to dealmake with Jackson to go to F2. Jackson DRs that he will take the deal, but doesn’t mean he has to return favor.  Jackson is playing the game hard, but he scares me with his complete lack of empathy.

And then, as if the producers could hear my thoughts, they show Jackson and Holly snuggle, and she asks what he’s thinking about.  He starts crying. He says he didn’t want to hurt Tommy. He DRs that it breaks his heart, but says he’s loyal to a fault to Holly, who tries to reassure him.  He says he could use a hug from his mom…while his girl friend is hugging him. Awkward! Jackson may not be a serial killer, but he is definitely some kind of sociopath. 

Cliff tells Nicole that he locked in Jackson taking him to F3 over.  Nicole says there must be a F2 deal there if he got him to agree to F3.  Yep, you should have trusted your original instincts, Nicole. Regardless of how this played out, you were always number four amongst this group.  You have to win your way there, girl.

Jackson and Holly are nominated, but Nicole DRs that it’s all about the POV, since that’s the only vote.  Cliff says he’ll do what it takes. Holly is feeling betrayed by being on the block. Jackson says Holly is the only one he trusts.  EJ will be here tomorrow with the POV results and maybe some more fallout. We’re almost done with these folks, and I’m getting excited about that!

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