Previously on Big Brother: We saw a lot of flashbacks to explain why Nicole and Cliff Hogg III voted out Tommy and then Nicole won the HoH, partly because Holly threw it. Nicole put Holly and Michie on the block and guys, it’s going to get weird.

Hey, you know when Cliff is most unlikable? When he has even the tiniest amount of influence. If he’d been on the block and a Have Not all season, I’d probably have some affection for him. But man, he is unbearable and it’s just going to get worse.

We jump back to the Nomination Ceremony, which didn’t surprise anybody so they probably don’t need to talk about it. It’s all about the Veto. Cliff says Michie will take him to Final Three and Holly is going to throw the competition. Michie figures Cliff and Nicole broke their word first, so none of it matters. I’m not sure why he told Holly to throw the HoH if that was the case. And Holly is not psyched about being expected to throw a second comp.

Cliff tells Nicole and says he’s thinking of giving permission to play as long as she agrees to take him to Final Three. So they approach her in the pantry and Cliff is as patronizing as a man can be. I mean, other than Michie. Holly pretends to be too tired to consider this deal, but in the DR she talks about how they’re a couple of idiots. Cliff lets her know that she can either promise to keep him or she can throw the comp. Those are the only two options!

Then, Cliff goes to Michie to offer a deal. If Michie agrees to take Cliff to Final Two, Cliff will do nothing for him in return. He tells him “it’s not reciprocal”, so in other words, it’s a terrible deal. It’s not even a deal. You’re giving somebody orders. Cliff is walking around like he has the authority to tell people everything they’re going to do. Should they send him to the Jury House to let people know how they’re going to vote. How did somebody get more unbearable than Michie? I don’t understand this world anymore!

Michie and Holly discuss Cliff’s dumbass “deals”, and they’re not happy about it. Man, these two are good at competitions. I feel like Cliff sealed his fate. What a dummy.

There’s a montage of items around the house changing or disappearing. And this is the setup for a luxury competition. They’ll go around counting the changes. Everybody gets one guess and the first person who gets it correct wins ten thousand dollars. If nobody’s correct, whoever is closest in the fastest time wins. Michie DR’s that ten thousand dollars can buy “a hell of a lot of watermelons” and they probably fed him that line but it’s very funny to picture Michie just buying hundreds of watermelons and filling his house. What if he wins the half million? He’ll get a watermelon the size of Caesar’s Palace!

Also, Ovi is in the kitchen making cookies. Hee! Nicole is so happy to see him, which is very cute. Nicole notices a woodpecker on the tree “If there has been a bird added to this house, I have radar, and I will find it.” They wrap it up and we see how it shook out. Michie was first and guessed 17. Nicole was second with 16, so she’s not going to win unless it’s a Price is Right miracle. Holly also had 17, as did Cliff. So if it’s 17 or more, Michie wins. 16 or less, it’s Nicole. The correct answer is 18, so Michie gets ten thousand dollars. Which isn’t easy to get excited about, but at this point I’d rather it’s him than Cliff.

Veto Time! They’ve got carnival games in the backyard for a backdrop. They’ve got a big slingshot and a board full of houseguest faces. They’ll be given a statement and then they have to launch balls at the board to knock down everybody to whom the statement does not apply. If you get it right, you move on. If not, you reset and try again. The fastest to finish three statements correctly wins. It’s not as confusing as it sounds.

We see Nicole first. She figures out the correct answers (first statement – “Did not receive a punishment during the Tossed in Space competition”) but she struggles a bit with the slingshot at first. She gets it right on the first try. Next one is “Never been HoH”. She doesn’t exactly hustle when she retrieves the balls, which may be a mistake. The last statement is “Played in ‘BB Fireworks Quiztacular”, and that was a weird thing to type. She seems to know the answers right away, and I think she’s probably in the hunt.

I am not a Michie fan, but it is suddenly very important to me that Cliff Hogg III does not make the final three. Cliff is up next and he’s bad with the slingshot and also has the answer wrong for the first statement. He keeps knocking down the wrong pictures and when he finally thinks he’s done, he’s still missing one. Second statement, he’s still got wrong answers, and he made the mistake of knocking down an incorrect picture, which means he has to reset half the board and knock the correct ones down again. I feel like this one is going to be long. Holly’s up next. She starts out with the wrong answer also, but recovers. Holly seems to do respectably, but it’s hard to tell. Michie actually calls Cliff “Cliff Hogg”, and I really wish he’d gotten the “III” in there. He seems a little more flustered than I expected. The edit makes it look like Nicole did the best but it’s impossible to tell for sure.

And now it’s time for results. Cliff came in fourth at nearly forty minutes. Third place was 17:30, so Cliff was significantly worse than everybody else. And that third place was…. Holly. And now I’m in the weird position of rooting for Michie. Second place was 14:17 and first was 11:29. Pretty close. And the winner of the summer’s final Veto is…. Michie! Holy smokes! As noted, I’m not a Michie fan, but this means Cliff is going home and I don’t like him at all. But Cliff assures Nicole that Michie will keep him. I think he is badly misreading things. In fact, Michie DRs that he and Holly are going to finale night, so I think Cliff Hogg III will be the only person surprised by what happens tomorrow.

Michie is so excited about winning and so kind to Holly that I find myself liking him again and I know that’s a sucker’s game. I knew he was a scorpion when I picked him up. He assures Holly that they’re going to the finale together. Meanwhile, Cliff insists to Nicole that the two of them are still Final Three. Well, he’s half right. We don’t get to the Veto Ceremony tonight, because why bother? They might as well just fold it into tomorrow’s vote Michie apologizes to the Hogg family in the Diary Room, which should not be funny, but it is.

Myndi will be here tomorrow for Cliff’s reality check. I can not wait!

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  1. Myndi Weinraub says:

    Cliff is a moron. I can’t wait ti see him get sent home.

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