Previously on Big Brother, Cliff was convinced Jackson would take him to the Final Two over Holly, which just shows you that Cliff has not been paying attention.  I love that the word “showmance” is now just a regular word in the English language. Who coined it? Do they get compensated?

After Julie sets us up for an episode that is set to feature high drama lots of secrets being revealed, we head back in the house. Jackson, flanked by Holly, tells Nicole that this is the F3 right here, but Cliff comes out to the yard before he can give a flowery loyalty speech.  Nicole is mad at herself for believing Jackson might take her and Cliff to F3. 

Jackson, for what feels like the umpteenth time, explains that his handshake and his word is rock solid until it’s not reciprocated.  He’s basically saying that the fact that they even considered voting out Holly went back on their deal, which is crap.  He keeps saying that this is not the game he wanted to play.  Then he tries to tell Nicole she’s more capable than she thinks.  She tells him to knock off the Southern charm. In the DR, she is even more blunt: “Tell you what, Michie, you do me a favor, Go Fuck Yourself.”  And, I officially love Nicole.

Nicole breaks the news to Cliff.  In the DR, he is incredulous. He says he thought that two guys shaking hands is different than a final four deal between “a bunch of people”. This is a pretty chauvinistic worldview, but I’m not surprised.  It’s worth noting that Cliff appears to have coral/blue combo of t-shirt and button down that goes both ways…button downs and t-shirts in each color, and this segment has been edited to feature both versions.  Neither is particularly flattering.

Julie tells us that the past three weeks have featured tears, romance and game play exposed…in the Jury House!  Why doesn’t CBS make Jury House episodes like the ones they do of Survivor Ponderosa? (Unless they do and I’ve totally missed it.)

We start with three weeks ago, and Sis saying she and Jack are closer, which is about all the info we get from that pretty but boring duo.  Kat is mad that Nick is the next to arrive because she doesn’t like him. Uh huh. Jessica shows up and shows them Jackson winning an HOH, Tommy saving Christie and Cliff getting spared, which they can’t stand. Jess observes that Nick and Kat have their “Big Brother goggles” on.  A producer asks Nick about them hooking up and he hedges a bit. Christie shows up and Nick jokes that she was manifesting that she was gonna win the double, so…(“clearly, I manifested going out on the double”). Nick can’t stand her. He tells her he didn’t respect her game. Jessica likes Nicole’s strategy.  Christie is pissed at Nicole for not taking Michie out.

Tommy shows up while the gang is playing volleyball.  Christie keeps saying she didn’t “feel his energy”. He tells her they need to talk privately before getting with the group.  He tells her that he told their secret. She says she has kept it from the jury so far and then they tell everyone together, where it goes over well with everyone but Nick, who feels betrayed. He reminds me of a lost Affleck brother.

Tommy tells everyone about Jackson’s whole BS story about the two of them playing both sides.  Sis says she’s not a fan of Jackson but he’s playing a really good game. I mean, on some levels, sure, but he’s such a sanctimonious prick, I don’t get how anyone can be fully behind his crap anymore.  

Back in the BB house proper, Cliff reminds Jackson that he won’t get their votes at the end and he (Cliff) can sway the jury. Jackson has the audacity to be shocked at this in the DR.  He says has 10 comp wins and he can’t believe Cliff would be mad that he wouldn’t honor a deal that he was “pushed” into taking? Can he hear himself? He screams, “DAMMIT!” Did someone spike his watermelon with some HGH?

It is finally time for the inevitable eviction. Jackson reminds Cliff that he said play your own game, and adaptation is the key to survival in this game.  Jackson said last week didn’t go as he wanted and he was forced to adapt. He officially replaces himself with Cliff on the block.

Then he gets to give a whole other speech, heaping praise on Holly and her many brave sacrifices, like throwing an HOH. Poor Holly!  (Yes, she has been emotionally abused by him, but that’s in a different box.) Cliff shouts out his family. He tells Jackson that while he disagrees with his justification and his decision, he respects him as a man. Why??? He says he has played with honor, integrity and humor, which is debatable. 

Jackson gives his whole “I’m loyal to those who are loyal to me” speech and how he has been burned in life, and burned in this game.  He says it’s “necessary” to do this (this goes on and on and on), and finally evicts Cliff.

Chenmoonvesterview. Julie asks him what went wrong?  He says he was too dependent on Jackson & Holly. He figured someone else might get to take a shot at Jackson, but he never faltered.  Julie asks why he got rid of Tommy instead of breaking up a power duo? He says Nicole was closer to Tommy and Cliff was afraid of Tommy in mental comps, and thought he’d take Nicole to F2, which was his real issue. Julie asks who would take the deal you offered Jackson?  He admits he was gullible and shouts “I love Big Brother!” Shut up, Cliff. Go do your horrible Johnny Manziel impression in jury for a week. I won’t miss you.

EJ and I will see you next week…we’ve got a Sunday show that will be part HOH comp and part recap of the summer, and Wednesday’s finale.  One step closer to being rid of Jackson forever! 

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