Post nominations, Christie is open to seeing what the universe sends her way as far as whose really leaving.  Cliff wants to win veto while Kat thinks she doesn’t have “the personality of a pawn”, whatever the heck that means. Poor Ovi thinks Christie is being true to their fake alliance.  Remember that for later, my friend.

Bella and Kemi joke about their potential showmances. Kemi laments the loss of David and settles on Nick since Cliff and Sam are married, Jack is not attractive to them and Jackson is only cute from the neck down (ha!). They don’t even consider poor Ovi.  They also settle on the name Rush Hour for their alliance, which is actually clever, since they are, of course, one black and one Asian person. They even have a subtitle: “Always rushin’ to assumptions!” For their part, the Grateful alliance are worried about how close they are, and want to backdoor Kemi.

What follows is a montage of Jackson repeating vehemently that he’s NOT getting into a showmance while he flirts with Katherine, and then ends up making out with her in the dark in bed. The women of Grateful (ugh, I hate this name!), can’t believe she doesn’t want to sleep more the night before POV. 

For said POV comp, Christie picks Sam (who is SO LOUD and OBNOXIOUS), Cliff gets HG choice and picks Jack. Kat gets Nicole, who I forgot was there and then briefly thought was the Nicole who won a few seasons ago before I registered who she actually is on this show.

Suddenly, Kaycee rings the bell and she’s here to host the Veto Comp. Let’s Go! (There was a LOT of people saying that for approximately 700 minutes when she arrived.)

The comp is called Food Fight. Each “food” caught and placed in a bowl earns a point, or points, depending on the round.  The catch is that the “foods” are being hurled at you at a high speed, which the show insists on running in slow motion. It’s a weird comp that mostly just revels in getting the contestants covered in various condiments and sauces.  The first item is supposedly onions, but it is accompanied by a lot of shredded lettuce. Cliff utters the unintentionally hilarious phrase that he’s ”never had this much salad tossed in my face before.” Ummmm… He also misquotes Kaycee’s famous mantra, saying in the DR, “As Kaycee always said, Let’s Roll.” Cliff needs to work on his listening skills.

Round two involves meatballs being shot out like at a batting cage and round three requires the players to slide across a table as strawberries rain down from above.  Bottom line, very few people catch much of anything, but the strawberries seem to be the easiest to catch and worth the most points. Cliff, Kat and Nicole get zero points, Christie scores 10, Jack scores 20 points and Sam, who seems to be–vocally at least–like some unholy combination of Donald Trump and Gilbert Gottfried–scores 21, becoming the first POV holder. He is stoked.  

The most interesting part of the competition, however, was seeing Jack shirtless for long enough to see that he has a tattoo on his chest that looks like a “Hello, My Name Is…” sticker. I can’t decide if that’s funny or the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. He is busy planning the first three weeks worth of evictions: Kemi, Jessica and Ovi. He claims that Kemi “gamed too hard too early” (unlike you, Kahl No Go?), Jessica because she can win a power in week 3 so she needs to go before that, and Ovi because he’s smart and will try to win at any cost. This (at last!) finally makes Christie realize that he’s trying to calling all the shots on her HOH.

For their part, Nick and Bella (also part of Grateful, if you’ve forgotten), plan to get Kat out and keep Kemi, as she’s perfectly fine for their game.  Nick volunteers to talk to Christie. She says she doesn’t want to make waves, but Nick reminds her to focus on her personal game and not a chunk of eight people, mostly Jack. She feels like she’s being forced to execute the Kemi plan, and she tells Jack that she’s not putting her up. He pushes it, telling her that she’s staying true to her heart. She DRs that she could put HIM up if she wanted.  That would be sort of amazing to do so this week, but I feel like it would still probably backfire.

She talks to Tommy about it and wishes for Sam not to use the Veto at all. Nicole shows up out of nowhere and Christie tells her that Jack is playing everyone. Nicole and Tommy tell her to talk to Sam. What an idea! She tearfully does so in the HOH room.  Sam DRs, “Wait, what?” Why?” in reaction to Christie’s admission that the plan is to nominate and evict Kemi. Sam just really wants to save his buddy Cliff and he doesn’t want to go back on his word. Just then Ovi comes to the door to tell them it’s time for dinner. They get rid of him quickly, and then contemplate putting him up…saying he’s aligned with everyone and no one…or going with a big game move and putting up Jack.  

At the veto meeting, Sam vetoes Cliff. Christie looks panicky while nominating Ovi, vowing to keep a guy/girl balance. Remember how the poor guy thought they were in an alliance?  Jack calls it a stunt, because how dare a weak and fragile woman not do exactly as he says? Oh, Jack, you may look a bit like Aquaman, but I think it’s safe to say that Jason Mamoa would never tell his wife Lisa Bonet what to do like that, because she’d kick his ass.  Just sayin’. 


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