Previously on Big Brother: Jack is probably a racist, per the live feeds. Also, thanks to the Veto, Cliff (Full Name: Cliff Hogg III) came off the block and Ovi went up. Also, the CBS website lists the host’s name as “Julie Chen” even though she says “Julie Chen-Moonves” so things aren’t great over there.

Julie announces that we’re getting a live twist that’ll leave heads spinning. Is it the Bottlecap Challenge but with Houseguests? She explains in the live segment that the evicted Houseguest will not be leaving the house and already this is amazing. Just a bitter houseguest with nothing to lose hanging around.

Christie considers herself a hero for not putting Kemi up and Kathryn thinks her odds of staying in the game are better vs. Ovi than Cliff. Is Cliff beloved? Christie tells Kathryn that she’s going to tell Ovi he’s a pawn and she goes and does that, while also making it seem like she’s the real victim of the nomination.

Later, Jack explains to a bunch of other people (not Christie) in the Grateful alliance that he knows they all wanted Kemi to go home and he’s giving me some weird vibes. I mean, I think we know what those vibes are, but even without the live feed info, this would be a little uncomfortable. Ovi and Cliff talk about the vote and Cliff assures him it will be fine. You know, when we wrote up the Houseguests, there was something in Cliff’s bio that made it sound like he was going to be a MAGA guy, but he actually comes off as more of a dad who’s secretly really into Jimmy Buffett. He has to live as Rancher Dad but wants to be Island Dad. Ovi starts campaigning and there’s no mention of his Nightmare Power. I don’t know if it can’t be used after the Veto ceremony or what the deal is. There’s a long segment of Ovi asking individual people for votes. The show clearly thinks it’s funny, but they’re wrong.

Holly DRs that her alliance wants Ovi out and all Kathryn has to do “is exist and relax”. And this leads to a really funny segment of Kathryn asking “Are you bitches conspiring against me?” whenever she enters a room and I love it. People seem irritated but she’s clearly making a joke. Kathryn might be my favorite. But an obvious running joke is irritating the Grateful alliance and they talk about her like it’s a sign of burgeoning insanity. This is all in the service of making the eviction seem suspenseful. SPOILEE: It’s not.

Back from the break, Julie says it’s too late for Ovi’s nightmare power to save him “or is it?” And now we’re answering my question. Ovi, who is a dumb man, goes to Jack and Michie to tell them about the nightmare power and how it works. Well, obviously you vote him out because he has a wild card power that could disrupt the game in a way they can’t control. Jack and Michie talk about maybe keeping Ovi to manipulate him but also, they can’t afford to have somebody who isn’t them running around with it.

And now it’s time to go live and talk to the nominees. Ovi’s speech is surprisingly incoherent. Kathryn is funny and says she can now find out if the bitches really were conspiring against her. Man, she committed to that bit so hard and that’s awesome. I think I might stan Kathryn. Did I use that correctly? Rather than break down all the votes, I’ll just say it’s unanimous to evict Ovi. All those attempts at drama were for naught.

Ovi doesn’t seem shocked at the results, so either he read the room or somebody told him. And as he’s headed for the door, we hear that bugle blow reveille and everybody heads back to the living room as they announce Camp Comeback. Julie explains that the evicted houseguests will continue to live inside the house. They’re out of the game and can’t compete or participate in ceremonies. They’ll basically be living in a Have Not room, but they’ll still be in the house and one of them will win their way back into the house. And then David also returns and I already want him to be the one who rejoins the game and takes down Jack. The house freaks out and Julie says “Settle down, Beavis” and I didn’t think that’s a cultural reference she’d have. I mean, it is a Viacom property, but still.

David and Ovi have to stay in the house during the HoH, but they’re able to listen to it. Thanks to some bad camera work, that’s what the viewers mostly do, too.

For the HoH competition, they’re watching simulated fireworks displays and then answering a question about that display where the answer is either red, white, or blue. Like, which color were most of the explosions? Get it wrong and you’re out. You know the drill. Everybody gets the first one right. Nick goes out on the second one. You don’t remember who Nick is. Don’t worry. Holly, Tommy, and Kathryn are out next. There’s a classic cut to the aquarium before Isabella, Analyse, Kemi, Cliff, and Sam are out. Nicole and Michie are out on the next one and now the camera is just showing us empty podiums so we can’t see what Jack and Jessica are picking. So we’re as surprised as Ovi and David when Jack is declared the winner.

Oh, this will go well. Myndi will bring you the Sunday episode in a more timely fashion than I turned over this one.

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