Previously on Big Brother: Well, the fun Camp Comeback idea got a little bit spoiled by the fact that, if you just happen to tune in without context, it looks like the people of color have to wear demeaning costumes and can’t use the same facilities as everybody else. So that went kind of bad. Thanks for that, Jack. Oh, also Cliff just talked about his alliances and strategy out loud because he think the acoustics of the Big Brother house work like Monica’s apartment.

Kemi was evicted (of course), and Nick won HoH. There we go.

There’s a lot of talk about Kemi calling out Nick and Isabella at the eviction ceremony and, well, she’s the one person who has any kind of game right now. There’s also some talk about the “rogue vote” to save her and Nicole is worried she’ll get blamed. Remember when the Houseguests didn’t insist on unanimous votes? Amazingly, Cliff Hogg III is the one who figures somebody was just trying to stir up trouble. It was Michie, if you recall, and that’s exactly what he was doing. He planned to blame Nick or Isabella because his alliance is already eating itself, but now that Nick’s HoH, Michie takes him aside to say it was Nicole. Who is super close to him and definitely would have told him if she was voting against the will of the house.

Bella asks Kemi why she called them out, overlooking that they’re part of an alliance that she isn’t in and she made a good move by calling them out. A voice calls her to the Diary Room and Bella still wants to talk about why she did that. Kemi, who seemed like she’d be more into the drama based on her bio, seems less interested in this argument but they almost scuffle for a bit when they push one another’s arms. I gotta say, I’m on Kemi’s side because they’re mad at her about gameplay and also, Bella is very annoying.

Jack and Michie talk about dumb guy stuff and then Michie admits he was the vote for Kemi. They’re convinced that they’re brilliant even though it’s really just a secret they’re keeping from their alliance that doesn’t benefit them in any way. Later, Nicole, tells Holly and Michie that she didn’t cast that vote and Michie’s all like “But did you though?” I think his goal is to convince her that she did cast that vote. Random Grateful people try to pressure Nick, who is not at all sure that Nicole cast that vote. Which also shouldn’t matter since everybody knew how the vote was going. It’s not like it was close and she almost blew it for them. It’s not a good idea to lie to your alliance, Michie! Once he leaves, Nick and Sam are pretty sure Michie was the rogue voter because he’s being super obvious about it. This is the part of the episode where they try to convince us that somebody is going to do something interested and strategic and brother, they are setting us up for disappointment.

Later, Nick asks Nicole if she was worried that he won and she admits she’s worried that she’s a target because people think she cast the vote for Kemi. He assures her that he knows she didn’t and they have talked about this vote enough now, right? Once again, it’s foreshadowing for Nick nominating Michie, which, spoilee, he’s not going to do.

Reveille! I still spell that wrong every time. It’s the (sigh) “Whacktivity Competition”.

Here’s how it works One by one, they go out to the backyard for a shallow box full of thousands of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Under the bugs is a rebus puzzle so you have to move them around to see each clue and then spell out the answer using a bunch of words provided. So you touch bugs, work out a puzzle, and then also have to find the words and letters you need, which seems a little more difficult since most of the actual words aren’t represented individually and you have to pull away tiles for a syllable or a letter.

The puzzle spells out “Don’t Meet Julie on Eviction Night”, and the key clues are a picture of a steak for “meet” and a diamond+EE (“Jewel-EE – Julie”).   Let’s just talk about some interesting points rather than detailing everybody doing basically the same thing.

-They use a music cue that sounds like the King of the Hill theme.

-Analyse goes first and we spend a lot of time with her and we hear her work through even the most obvious clues, and I wonder if everybody had to record a similarly lengthy DR session and she just did the best.

-Analyse thinks the steak represents stake and also that it’s spelled “Stake”.

-Ways Analyse tries to spell “Julie” – “Juily”, “Juilyee”, “Julieee”. I love that she thinks there are just three E’s at the end like no word in the English language.

-Jessica keeps saying “cockaroach” and I can’t remember who says that, but it still makes me laugh. She also think that the “Julie” clue is “Rocky” and assumes that’s the squirrel who put her in a bag. Man, it’s already a weird season.

-Diary Room Nick is very critical of Competition Nick.

-Nick identifies the steak as pork, and I’m forced to agree that “Don’t Pork Julie on Eviction Night” would also be good advice.

-Christie thinks the steak is a Cinnabon. One of their classice bone-in cinnamon rolls.

When all is said and done, Christie wins and I would have loved to hear everybody’s times. Analyse probably spent several hours trying to spell Julie’s name. Anyway, it turns out Christie can use her power at a Veto meeting and allow the Veto holder to not only remove somebody but also to pick the replacement nominee. Oh, I like that. Also, these are anonymous, so there has to be some spycraft in signaling to the show that you’re using the power. I am into this!

Christie starts to tell Tommy about her but gets cut off when Jack comes in. Even though they know he has a power, Christie decides not to tell him that she won and she and Tommy are practically giggling. Again, this is a secure alliance that’s holding together very well. Tommy: “I’m not winning any competitions, but my friends are!”

Nicole and Kemi talk about the big old alliance in their midst, so Kemi tells Nicole that people know about Nicole’s alliance with the worst competitor in the game and a guy who is technically not playing anymore. So Nicole reports to Cliff and then Cliff goes to Nick to volunteer to go up as a pawn. It seems like there’s very little benefit in this risky move, but Cliff Hogg III didn’t get to where he is without some risks!

We get another segment about Kathryn saying dumb things, and most of them are actually mild jokes. True, she does call muesli “Mussolini”, but this segment is kind of unfair because it’s presenting regular conversation as proof that she’s crazy.

Reveille! Kemi is summoned to the Diary Room for her camp uniform and the most notable thing is that she trips and falls two seconds after leaving the Diary Room.

Nick, Sam, and Bella talk about how their alliance is going to fall apart, as evidenced by the fact that Sam isn’t in the real alliance but is in a fake alliance that has one additional person. Sam wonders why they’re not going to do something about that, since the three of them are clearly sucking hind teat in this alliance. Oh! Do you think Sam will make a bold choice!

Nomination! Sam nominates Cliff and Jessica. So the answer to my rhetorical question is “no”.

Myndi will have your back for the Veto competition and probably people just walking around and saying their secrets out loud for no good reason.

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