Previously, Spencer was a mastermind and David was sent “back to the beach”, upsetting Aaryn and her other charming pals. McCrae managed to win everything and charm Amanda without really even trying.  Now, we’ve got to settle the second HOH, which is being competed for in pairs.  Then, the winning duo which will get to decide who actually becomes the HOH.

We’ve seen several different versions of this comp over the years, but the greased up ramp always makes it a keeper.  You can fill a small jug with “BBQ sauce” to win two bigger cups to fill the large jug quicker, or just work on the big one from the get go.  Elissa: “I want to win this HOH comp more than birds need their feathers.”  Wow, depending on the bird, that could be a pretty big deal.

In the DR, Aaryn is pissed.  She will stop at nothing, she’s out for blood, they’ve made it personal…you get the drift.  Spencer keeps talking about “weaponizing” Elissa, which gets increasingly disturbing the more he says it.  There’s a flashback to right after the eviction, where GinaMarie was losing her shit to Nick in one of the small rooms about the results, and Nick explains to us that she’s his closest “faux alliance”.  Is it just me, or are Nick’s pecs sort of disturbing?  Just had to put that out there.  I can’t believe the next clip: Aaryn openly weeping at the memory wall as if David was murdered in front of her rather than simply sent back to his parents’ basement.

Next, there’s a montage of wacky HOH slips and falls and Amanda stating that by crawling on all fours, she “can’t pop an implant…who’s the winner now?”  McCrae, for his part, is enjoying that particular show from the sidelines.  Helen just wants everyone to have fun, which seems a little too rosy a view for this group. An hour in, Howard and Jessie and Judd and Nick have earned the bigger scoop, which doesn’t seem that much bigger to my eyes, but does seem to help Judd and Nick in particular catch up to Andy and Elissa and Jeremy and Aaryn.  Andy is spot on with Aaryn and Jeremy being tyrants.  Those two are a scary example of the entitled youth culture in America.  At this point, the backyard looks like the set of a Tarantino movie.  At last, Jeremy pulls the ping ping ball out and proceeds to be a cocky SOB.  GinaMarie celebrates because any chance to yell works for her!

In the DR, Jeremy lays out his rationale for letting Aaryn have the HOH title.  Her “man candy” left (ew), she’s not going to vote him out, and he can compete next week.  I hate that his logic is sound.  Aaryn asks who voted for David (no one will admit to it) and then proceeds to name Elissa, Andy, Helen and Candice as Have Nots for the week, giving no particular reasons.  Elissa can’t believe how nasty Aaryn is, but America is not surprised.  Aaryn is still fixated on David being voted out, while we learn that Spencer hatched a plan of talking about who to vote for with Candice just hours before the live show, covering his butt when things went haywire. Helen and Elissa cry over being stuck as Have Nots again, as well as Aaryn’s vendetta.  I can’t say I wouldn’t be acting the same way; she’s legitimately mean to them, and they’re going on a second week with no food or bed.  I’d be a bitch on wheels.  Andy talks to Aaryn about voting out David, trying to ingratiate himself to her a bit for the week.

Then we get the privilege of seeing her HOH room, which Andy summarized the appeal of perfectly:  “How often is it that you get to see baby pictures of the devil?”  Y’all, Aaryn has a creepy clown doll that she had sent in.  Someone is “pretty sure it may come to life at night and kill people.” Duh!  I saw Poltergeist!  Aaryn tells people they don’t have to stay and Elissa is first to bail.  I shall continue to reserve judgment on Elissa, despite her lineage and grating voice.

Aaryn, Gina, Jessie, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Nick sit around dissing Elissa and Helen, because it’s a day of the week.  What an insufferable bunch.

 And then, it happens.  We got a bonfide montage of Aaryn (and to a lesser extent GinaMarie and Kaitlin) making horrible, insulting racist remarks about blacks, gays and Asians.  Howard and Amanda both comment in the DR, sounding very mature and sage in their wisdom.  Can the show please roll tape on the faces of Aaryn and GinaMarie when they find out they’re unemployed?  The bottom line is that this kind of thing has happened before on the feeds and has never been mentioned on air, no matter how loud the chatter got online.  This season, though, perhaps because of DOMA, Paula Deen and just the general climate of 2013, we made enough noise to get the network to do the right thing, or at least start to do it.  There’s still the matter of Spencer, but this is a start.  Assuming Aaryn is not long for the game (fingers crossed!), maybe more of that will come to light as the game continues and they can weave it into the overall arc of the season.

In The Worst Platinum Club Lounge Ever, Candice and Helen are figuring out that Nick and Spencer are working “for” Jeremy.  Helen points out the split vote and Candice points out the possibility of a “boy supergroup”.  They are really starting to piece things together!

Then there’s the weird tangent of Jessie’s quest find a “lover” in the house, since everyone else has had one and she’s like Veruca Salt with a tan.  Jessie makes it her mission to get Nick to pay her some attention with the always winning opening line: “Why do you hate me?” Look, I’ve been out of the game for a while now and even I could tell you that one won’t work.  She follows him around, literally from room to room.  Nick calls her a “stage 5 clinger”.  Thanks, Vince Vaughn!  He can’t even be bothered to hide his disinterest, and Jessie continues to stare him down.  I’d sleep with one eye open Nick; she might try to hobble you.

Aaryn and Helen talk and Helen tries to broker a deal, talking about how they should be putting up each other’s friends, and how they’re such an unlikely duo.  Aaryn thinks it’s “sketchy” (gee, I wonder why!), but she’s not completely opposed to it.  Out in the yard, Spencer has suddenly decided he wants Amanda out, so Jeremy names Amanda as the mastermind in David going home to Aaryn, saying he could get Aaryn to put up her mother at this point, she’s so mad.  Ultimately, Elissa and Helen are nominated, with Aaryn saying Elissa made “unnecessary waves” and is the reason that David is gone.  Helen is basically a pawn in all of this, but let’s see what happens with MVP and POV.  EJ will take you through the rest of this week’s perilous journey.  Will Elissa be evicted? Will anyone else lose their job?  Let’s find out together!

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4 Responses to Big Brother Week Two HOH and Nominations “How Often Is It That You Get to See Baby Pictures of the Devil?”

  1. EJ says:

    Dear Myndi,

    This is my favorite Big Brother Recap since we started Big Brother recaps.

    A Fan

  2. HoH8 says:

    Great Recap Myndi, like always….BUT…..

    u forgot the Best part of the show….the ending when the BB announcer said to expect to see on Wed tv show a Favorite former HG to say some important news to the HG’s !!!!!….What !!!!!…..Who ?????…..

    i wonder what that’s all about?…nobody knows nothing yet, in the Feeds nothing has happen otherwise we would’ve known cause these HG’s cant keep their mouths shut, lol… 🙂

  3. myndi says:

    You’re right, I blew that one! Maybe I was just repressing my deep-seated fear that it might be Jessie!

  4. HoH8 says:

    BB Updates


    it looks like McCrae has Split from the Moving Company and he will Vote OUT Nick tomorrow…..Elissa now has the 6 Votes to stay….McCrae, Amanda, Candice, Andy, Judd, Jessie….yes i said Jessie, she’s with Judd now…..

    so Elissa is staying and will win MVP again most prolly… its odd that McCrae had a Very Long DR session before he came out and decided to move out from the MC….IDK, maybe Grodner again with her old tricks, lol… 🙂 …

    myndi….u got to stop thinking bout Jessie coming back, he’s messing up ur BB mind, lol…. 🙂 ….

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