Previously on Big Brother –Jordan won the Head of Household, and nominated Adam and Dominic for eviction.  Brendon and Rachel reminded us why we hated them last year, Kalia hurt herself in a poorly-thought-out food competition, and it was basically, like Myndi said, the most boring episode ever.  Here’s hoping somebody does something crazy tonight, Buky!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony.  There are hugs, as there so often are.  Dominic is worried that he’s the target.  Meanwhile,Jordan tells us that Dominic is the target.  Won’t Dom be surprised when he watches this season off of his DVR?  Rachel is mad because Cassi is the target.  Because Rachel hates Cassi.  Rachel does not have a lot of woman friends.  You can tell.  Really, this was the best nomination for Jordan– both of the other newbie pairs include a person who voted with the veterans.  Why put a potential ally at risk before you have the votes to ensure their safety?  But Rachel is too busy being loud and awful and jealous of Cassi to think straight.

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