Cassi encourages Dominic to strike a deal with Jeff and Jordan, but he worries that he’ll be “their slave”.  This game is way more dramatic for Dominic than it is for anybody else.  Adam says they won’t “pull a Porsche and Keith”, which is a really awkward euphemism.  He then goes up to talk to Jordan, and she assures Adam that he’s definitely safe, and he should throw the Veto.  In the Diary Room, Adam wears his third confirmed bacon-themed t-shirt.  Yes, he’s that guy.  Hold onto those memes forever, Adam!  Never let go!

In the Have Not room, Porsche and Rachel talk about how Cassi needs to go, because she is prettier than they are.  (They don’t say that last part.  But come on.)  Rachel calls her a floater, and I am now convinced that she doesn’t know what that means.  She is actively opposed to Rachel and hasn’t struck any deals – that’s sort of the opposite of a floater.  I think Rachel believes that not being in her alliance makes somebody a floater.  Why does she not know what words and concepts mean?  In this meeting of the minds, Porsche says “controllingness” and Rachel stares at the ceiling.  Lawon butts in and tries to act like Willie Garson for a while.  I wish he were funnier – there is a great tradition of hilarious gay men in the house, and Lawon is letting everybody down.  You sir, are no Season Five Will.  You’re not even a Marcellas!

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