Daniele tells Dominic that she wanted Cassi out, but Jeff and Jordan want Dom gone.  It’s weird how these two sort of flirt, because there is nothing that allows me to believe it’s possible to view Daniele as a sexual being.  You could write her name on a piece of plywood, and it would be exactly as interesting and attractive as the actual person.  With the added benefit that you could lay down the plywood to put on a breakdancing performance.

Rachel and Daniele whisper about how they want Dom to win the Veto, and also they hate Cassi.  Daniele explains in the Diary Room that she doesn’t really hate Cassi, but she’s just getting in good with Rachel.  The amount of time people have been talking about Cassi vs. the amount of time Cassi has been onscreen is highly disproportionate.  She’s like Marissa Cooper, only I don’t hate her.

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