Cassi and Jordan talk in the HoH room, and Jordan says people are throwing her under the bus because she’s gorgeous.  Hee.  You know, I am on record as being a big fan of looking at Cassi, and I think it’s awesome that Jordan is talking to her honestly.  You can tell that Jordan has actual friends in her real life, and that makes me happy. Jordan astutely DR’s that Rachel wants to be the center of attention, but Cassi is better looking than she is.  Man, I wish I could actually watch this show with Jordan.

Time to pick players for the Veto competition!  Adam interviews that he intends to throw the competition.  We’ll see how that works! Jordan picks Brendon and Rachel from the bag to compete.  Dom is freaked out that he’s in this competition all alone. Jordan picks Daniele to host, after Daniele actually stumps for the position.  Really?  This is something you’re geeked about?

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