Brendon and Rachel whisper about changing the nomination and getting rid of Cassi.  Rachel’s hatred of her is getting cartoonish.  Next, she talks to Daniele about her plan.  Why bother telling Daniele about it since she’s not even competing?  Why does anyone tell Daniele anything?  There’s no good reason for that.

Commercials – hey, so you know that Thirty Minutes or Less movie?  Not only does it star Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride, but it filmed in my hometown of Grand Rapids last summer!  That sounds like the kind of movie I will pay actual money to see.

Competition time!  Daniele is wearing a crown and a purple robe.  The backyard is decorated in a candy theme.  Also, each person is playing as an individual, so you can’t sabotage your partner.  And as a bonus, this challenge is totally disgusting.  You walk across a balance beam to pick up a gumball which you chew up and then stick to the canvas on the other side.  Whoever chews enough gum to complete the Veto portrait first wins.  And if you fall off the beam, you’re eliminated, unless you accept two weeks of slop to get back in.

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