Everybody rehashes their opinions on Dominic, and then the competition begins.  You will not be surprised to find out that Rachel thinks she’ll be awesome at it. Jordan mentions having balls in her mouth, but she’s nice, so I’ll let it go.  She falls off the beam, and starts to take the two weeks of slop, but Jeff tells her not to.  “You’re crabby enough already.”  Hee! Jeff DR’s that she’s not going to win this challenge, so there’s no reason for her to go on slop.  Plus, it’s really no-risk for them no matter who the nominees are.

Rachel makes snide comments about Jordan being out, and Jeff gets pissed.  Rachel falls and takes the two weeks of slop.  Jeff is increasingly frustrated with the digs, but then Rachel almost immediately falls again.  Way to prove a point, Clumsy!  Dominic, Jeff, and Brendon are roughly tied, with Adam sucking hind teat.  Jeff is sick of hearing Rachel’s voice.  We have so much in common!  Dominic manages to win the Veto, which causes load gloating in the Diary Room.  Cassi knows that she’s in danger now.  Jeff calls out Rachel for her snotty comments aboutJordan.  It’s not a big outburst, but Rachel does not appreciate when people don’t tell her that she’s wonderful.  Brendon points out that it wasn’t a great move for Rachel to take the slop.  He’s as frustrated as Jeff is, but more sad because he also realizes that this is his life.  Rachel starts to cry.  No kidding, she goes into the bushes to cry.

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