Brendon, with a heavy heart, goes to console her.  She cries that Jeff yelled at her, which he totally didn’t do.  He called her out, yes.  But he didn’t really even raise his voice.  Kalia things that going into the bushes to cry is pretty lame.  And then Brendon keeps reassuring her.  This just keeps going on!  I swear, she is five years old.  Cassi gets a kick out of the drama.  As well she should.

Hey, do you feel like Dominic talking about how awesome he is for a while?  Me neither.  Moving on.

Jeff and Jordan talk in the HoH room, and Jeff says he’s tired of Rachel. Jordan says “Maybe she thinks that’s how competitors should be”, and Jeff responds “No, that’s how idiots should be”.  HA!  If I didn’t already have a man-crush of Jeff, this would have solidified it.  He almost sounds like Louis C.K. when he says of Rachel, “People last year didn’t like you because of you.  So stop doing that!”  Jeff says what we’re all thinking.  He’s already thinking about cutting Brendon and Rachel loose.

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