Rachel and Brendon talk more about how sad Rachel is and how much it sucks when people don’t love her.  Brendon has to talk her down from intensifying hostilities with Jeff, and she finally says “No wonder America hates me”.  And yet, she’s not going to get less hateful.    They head to the HoH room, where Rachel gives a half-assed apology.  Jeff isn’t buying it, but there’s no good reason in dragging it out.  Rachel tells Jeff they can’t hate each other, and Jeff gives here a look that makes it clear he doesn’t agree to that.

Hey, Cassi’s finally going to be onscreen for a while!  I swear, this is like when they finally showed Jacob on LOST.  There’s been so much build-up!  She heads to the HoH room with Jordan and Shelly. Jordan says she’s just sick about having to put somebody else up, and Cassi suggests backdooring Brendon and Rachel.  I think that would actually be a great move, but it’s really risky.  I don’t know that I’d be able to do it in her position, but as a Monday morning quarterback, it seems obvious.  Later she talks to Jeff about it, and he thinks that’s a great idea, though he seems to understand the risk.

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