Previously on Big Brother:  Jeff won the Veto in an exhausting competition.  Adam shaved his beard and everybody watched.  Rachel cried some more andJordan got stuck with handling her mood swings.  Kalia got desperate to sit at the cool kids’ table.  And Lawon asked to be nominated and also evicted, because he believes that this week’s evictee will come back with “special powers”.  He bases this belief on nothing that anybody has actually said, mind you. 

Julie Chen kicks off the show and says that tonight, two evicted Houseguests will face off “live”.  There is no mention made of special powers, but I’m sure that’s just an oversight.  Oh, strike that.  Julie straight up tells the live audience that there is no special power.  Wait, does that mean the power was inside Lawon all along?  Also, Julie’s outfit this week makes it look like she has the head-size-to-shoulder-width ratio of a bobblehead.

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