Previously on Big Brother:  Jeff made a big move and put up Daniele.  Shelly picked this moment to suddenly become mortally offended that, if given the choice, Jeff would probably pick himself to win over her.  Things got weird.  Daniele was evicted and then Kalia won HoH, Porsche won the Veto (I know!), and Jeff was evicted.  And then my heart broke as I realized I’ve still got weeks of this show to recap and the cast now consists of Jordan, boring people, and people I actively dislike.

We start out before Daniele’s eviction, and it’s in full color!  Yes, they’re showing us the blowup that Julie Chen alluded to.  This is like the end of LOST Season Three when it turns out to be a flash-forward and suddenly everything you know is wrong. 

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One Response to Big Brother 13 – Week 8 Head of Household and Crying

  1. SMQ says:

    “Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth.” Most double-edged indeed! 😉


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