The announcer tells us Porsche opening the Pandora’s Box was “a consequence that would change the game” because they couldn’t very well say “the producers had to find a way to get Jordan and Rachel to the end, so they pulled this out of their asses,” now could they?

Porsche says she “100% regrets” taking Pandora’s Box.  She can’t believe she screwed her alliance.  Kalia DRs that twists always “jack” her, whatever that means.  With this news, Original Recipe Rachel is back; shouting and preening and braying in the DR.  I really can’t believe this vapid wench is so close to the end.  While she is so excited, Jordan is wondering what Porsche got with Pandora’s Box, actively griping about not winning HOH.  She concludes that “if we don’t win, we’re idiots and we deserve to go home.”  Roger that.  Then again, that’s my standing opinion of Rachel.

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