Ashley, Wil, and Jenn talk about the idea that Frank would have to use the Veto and make a big move to get rid of either Dan or Shane.  If that doesn’t happen, they know something’s.  So they head upstairs to talk to Frank to let him know that if he wants Dan or Shane out, they’ve got his back.  Frank agrees to think about it.

Britney sends Ian upstairs to “do some detective work”.  Ian reminds us of the “Quack Pack” alliance, which nobody else has thought about except to give it its place in the Stupid Alliance Nickname Pantheon.  For Ian, “detective work” consists of going to see Frank and asking “So, the plan’s still going?”  Frank lets it slip that Dan might be a target.  Ian does not have a poker face.  Frank talks about bringing more people into the Quack Pack, but they’re all people who are actually in his other alliance.  I don’t think they even know what’s going on anymore.

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One Response to Big Brother Episode 15, Season 14 – ZingBot 3000 Returns!

  1. Myndi says:

    That makeout sesh was totally weird. I only saw it on Youtube and really need more context for how they got there. Also, I believe Danielle had a mudmask on when she was talking to Wil. I really wish I’d been counting from the top of the hour so I could have an exact number of times that Dan said he thought Frank wanted to backdoor him. I estimate 24. If that had been a drinking game, we’d all be passed out under a table.

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