Ian reports back to Britney and Danielle.  Britney, in the Diary Room, is completely awesome.  “He’s still, whatever, a Quack Packer.  I’m so embarrassed that I just said that.”  Accompanied with a magnificent eyeroll, mind you.  “You can not trust Frank… he wears his hair like that in public therefore has no shame.”  HA!  I want to be best friends with Britney.

Frank talks to Mike about getting rid of Dan, but Mike tries to talk him out of it.  Mike really tries to convince Frank that it might be best not to crap on their alliance immediately.  I was a much younger man when this conversation started.

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One Response to Big Brother Episode 15, Season 14 – ZingBot 3000 Returns!

  1. Myndi says:

    That makeout sesh was totally weird. I only saw it on Youtube and really need more context for how they got there. Also, I believe Danielle had a mudmask on when she was talking to Wil. I really wish I’d been counting from the top of the hour so I could have an exact number of times that Dan said he thought Frank wanted to backdoor him. I estimate 24. If that had been a drinking game, we’d all be passed out under a table.

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