We pick up right after the nomination ceremony.  Wil is miffed.  Joe is loud.  And Frank explains his nominations in Huell Howser’s voice.  Dan, for his part, is worried about being backdoored.  Every once in a while, that phrasing makes me laugh inappropriately.  This was one of those times.  Mike explains to Frank (who already knows this) that their real target is Wil.  They think they can cut a side deal with Joe, because he’s playing alone.  Both of them stress that Joe will have to keep it quiet, which really doesn’t seem likely.

So Frank, still in his spiritard, explains the situation to Joe in the pantry.  He begs Joe not to stir the pot, and awesomely promises to “get you one week closer to jury”.  He’s not promising an alliance.  He’s not promising Final Three.  He’s promising that Joe will come slightly closer to being able to cast a vote for the winner.  And somehow, this doesn’t seem to bother Joe.  Dude knows he’s not going to win, so that’s the best he’s going to get.  Frank compares Joe to a drunk girl at prom, and it’s better not to think about it.

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One Response to Big Brother Episode 15, Season 14 – ZingBot 3000 Returns!

  1. Myndi says:

    That makeout sesh was totally weird. I only saw it on Youtube and really need more context for how they got there. Also, I believe Danielle had a mudmask on when she was talking to Wil. I really wish I’d been counting from the top of the hour so I could have an exact number of times that Dan said he thought Frank wanted to backdoor him. I estimate 24. If that had been a drinking game, we’d all be passed out under a table.

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