Previously on Big Brother:  Shane and Ashley were neck-and-neck in the race to see who was the dumbest person in the house.  Frank won the Power of Veto to take himself off the block, so Shane picked somebody from the live show audience to be a pawn.  Wait, really?  Huh.  Apparently this “Jenn” has been on the show from the beginning of the season.  At least that’s what I’m being told.  I’m not convinced.  Anyway, she didn’t seem to realize that Mike is the real target, because she let everybody know it is, most assuredly, on.

It’s Big Brother Fast Forward tonight, as they play a whole week in a single night.  This is always fun, especially because the dumber alliance members sometimes lose track of how they’re supposed to vote.  Usually, this happens later in the season.  I think it’s been pretty consistent that the second and third jury members are evicted on Fast Forward night.  But maybe they’re trying to catch the houseguests off-guard.  That’s the thing when you have a show where the contestants are all long-time viewers – they’re harder to surprise.

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