Lisa Lampanelli–It’s really going to be strange watching Lisa Lampanelli in this environment. We’re used to seeing her roast people and do her stand-up, in which she’s an equal opportunity offender. She’s definitely a tenacious person who can be pretty relentless when she feels like it. And she consistently refers to herself and all the other women as “broads”, which is awesome. She’ll definitely mix it up with Victoria Gotti and Theresa from Real Housewives, and we can’t wait for that. (MW)

Dayana Mendoza – This year, most of the cast are people that you’ll recognize, however vaguely. Dayana strikes me as being the one exception. The Venezuelan model was Miss Universe in 2008, and in 2009 she wrote a blog entry about how lovely it was to visit Guantanamo Bay. That’s really all there is. I don’t think she’ll be a major player on the show, because she’s not famous enough to bring in big donors, and indications are that she’s not the sharpest crayon in the box. Of course, she’s sure to make for some wonderfully awkward moments on the show, since she’s the perfect Trump storm – Young and hot, non-White, and English is her second language. She might not be around long, but you know Trump will still say something jaw-droppingly clueless and inadvertently hilarious. (EJ)

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