George Takei – Oh my! Takei is a fascinating guy – he grew up in a Japanese-American internment camp, played an iconic role in Star Trek, publicly came out of the closet at the age of 68, and then found a whole new career with Howard Stern. There are about a thousand other things he’s done, but imagine somebody who spent his childhood imprisoned by his own country, and then hid his sexuality for decades. And now he talks smack about other famous people, and he’s hilarious. His place in pop-culture is assured – he doesn’t need Celebrity Apprentice to be relevant. For that reason, I think he’ll do really well; there’s no desperation at work. By all accounts, he’s a hell of a nice guy and everybody loved him on the UK version of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Of course, being nice, smart, and reasonable does not always equate to success on this show. Still, I hope somebody pushes his buttons just enough that he quietly destroys them in the Boardroom. If you’ve ever heard him talk about Shatner, you know he can be fantastically mean when he has to. (EJ)

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