Paul Teutel, Sr. – American Chopper star and viable human-walrus hybrid Paul Teutel, Sr. is best know, to me at least, for appearing as himself on an episode of King of the Hill. On the surface, he might seem like Season Two favorite, Jesse James (Remember, this was before we knew that Jesse was banging a be-Swastikaed skank. And yes, that is not a word.), an intimidating-looking tattooed guy famous for customizing vehicles on TV, but while Jesse was actually kind of a sweetheart (Again, this was before the… unpleasantness.), Paul is loud and angry all the time. I find him pretty hard to take, and on Apprentice, you can only get away with severe personality disorders if you’re an athlete or famous enough that the producers want to look the other way. Teutel is neither, so I don’t think he’ll be around long. (EJ)

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